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Through our Bachelor of Business Administration curriculum, we prepare students to transfer their knowledge and skills into different career pursuits such as entrepreneurs, non-profit advocators, or corporate leaders. Students can specialize in their interests by enrolling in one of our majors: Accounting, Fashion Marketing, Management, or Marketing.

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Preparing Students for Careers

Our collective team effort lays out the path for students to achieve a successful business career.

Here are a few ways we accomplish this:
  • Prepare students for a promising Certified Public Accountant (CPA) career
  • Engage students in effective and decisive project management
  • Participate in a six-day field experience in fashion marketing
  • Collaborate with industry marketing leaders to increase brand valuation
  • Develop a meaningful resume and e-portfolio
  • Host departmental career workshops, job fairs, and networking events
  • Assist students for internships and employment through an online job board

Our Learning Environment

Through personalized attention, collaboration, and networking our motivated faculty and staff are here to help you achieve.

Our faculty advances knowledge in the business field by:
  • Publishing in leading academic journals
  • Being featured in popular industry publications
  • Operating and owning businesses
  • Being interviewed by various media outlets
Our influential Board of Advisors of industry leaders actively engage with students by:
  • Giving one-one-one personal feedback
  • Consulting on professional career paths
  • Preparing for job interviews
  • Reviewing and optimizing resumes
Woodbury School of Business Management-Career Opps

Our Reputation

  • Reaffirmed AACSB accreditation in April 2020 – the gold standard for business schools, with less than 5% of all business schools holding this achievement
  • Top 4% based on Economic Value, Economist Magazine
  • 15th among the nation’s “25 Colleges That Add the Most Value” by Money Magazine
  • 100% of Accounting students employed within a year from graduation
  • Only 1% of of business degree programs with AACSB accreditation has a Fashion Marketing major

Faculty Spotlights

Find out more about the inspiring faculty in the School of Business.

Dr. Nathan Garrett presented at AAA Conference

Professor Nathan Garrett, who earned AACSB qualifications for teaching Finance and Accounting, presented his research on Excel tutorials at the American Accounting Association’s first online meeting, Spark. The presentation “Inflexible Thinkers: Results from an Excel Tutorial System” showed students’ struggles with Excel formulas. While people were able to learn formulas in isolation, they had difficulty combining multiple formulas to solve problems. A video summary of the presentation can be found here.

Dr. Nathan Garrett Publishes in British Journal of Educational Technology

Dr. Garrett, Associate Professor of Information Technology, had his paper “Segmentation’s Failure to Improve Software Video Tutorials” accepted by the British Journal of Educational Technology. BJET is rated as an “A” journal by the Australian Business Dean’s Council. The paper tested a variety of videos, finding which formats helped students learn Excel Conditional Formatting. The best videos gave users control over the pacing of instruction, contradicting earlier findings.

Following is an abstract of his paper:

Segmentation reduces learners’ cognitive load by inserting system-controlled pauses into instructional animations and video.  However, many previous studies focus on conceptual knowledge, and do not allow users control over the pacing of instruction. This two-part experiment attempted to validate segmentation in the context of procedural software instruction by applying it to an Excel conditional formatting tutorial. Learners assigned to segmented video failed to show either improved knowledge transfer or decreased cognitive load.  Instead, learners using the videos were able to successfully use the pause and rewind features to manage their own cognitive load. This study shows the importance of providing users with control over the pacing of instruction, and with testing educational theories when applying them in a new context.

Stephanie Thomas Received Prestigious Ed Roberts Award

In January 2020, the Berkeley based Center for Independent Living awarded Stephanie Thomas the Ed Roberts Award, a premiere award in the disability community. Ms. Thomas is an adjunct faculty member of Fashion Marketing in the School of Business. Ed Roberts was the unofficial “Father of Civil Rights” in the disability community. His work, and tenacity helped lay the foundation for many of the rights we have today. Ms. Thomas, a congenital amputee, received this honor alongside the first woman in a wheelchair to win a Tony Award, Ally Stroker; actor and activist RJ Mitte, and star of last summer’s break out film Peanut Butter Falcon, featuring an actor who has Down Syndrome Zack Gottsagen, as well as attorney James T. Fousekis, who has supported the disability community for years.

Wendy K. Bendoni Serves as Professional Advisor for The American Influencer Council

In July 2020 Wendy K. Bendoni became part of the Professional Advisory Board of the American Influencer Council, Inc. AIC is a newly formed not-for-profit invite-only membership trade association, led by a team of influencers who are quickly becoming a significant anchor in the U.S. digital economy.  AIC strives to sustain the integrity and viability of the influencer marketing industry in the U.S., which is projected to reach $15 billion by 2022.  The AIC mission is to foster digital economy research and analysis as it relates to the commerce of career influencers and their contributions to the U.S. GDP. The Council has a five-prong approach, which includes 1) learning & development, 2) consumer transparency, 3) standardization & professional ethics, 4) data science & influencer economy, and 5) public goodwill.

Wendy K. Bendoni Serves on Board for DataEthics4All Think Tank Group

DataEthics4All (with over 500 members) invited Wendy K. Bendoni to become a Think Tank founding member. The Think Tank consists of AI Researchers, Data Scientists, Policy Makers and Data Ethics Advocates.  The area of AI data analysis has been a primary focus for Prof. Bendoni’s research in the last past five years.  The DataEthics4All Think Tank will be responsible for Independent Research on the Impact of Unethical Data Use. The committee follows the Ethical Pillars that include: Preserving Data Privacy, Fair Data Processing, Clear Data Ownership, Data Transparency and Trust, Preventing Ad Technology Weaponization and Evolution of Data Ethics in Times of Crisis.

Some additional members of our DataEthics4All Advisory Board include: Chief Data Officer, TD Ameritrade; Data Strategist at IBM; Head of Blockchain, Digital Assets, and Data Policy, World Economic Forum; Corporate Vice President, New York Life Insurance Company, Head of Digital Intelligence & Analytics, First Republic Bank: VP & Global Chief Data Officer, GE; VP and Chief Information Security Officer, Hitachi Vantara.

In June 2020 prof. Bendoni also became part of the development event committee for Ethics4NextGen AI Summit and Hackathon to raise the next generation of Inclusive AI. In her Summer 2020 class, prof. Bendoni had her Marketing Intelligence class work on solutions in ethical data collection for all three hackathon themes, including: 1) AI in Criminal Justice 2) AI in Predictive Policing 3) AI in COVID -19 Contact Tracing.  Student’s work will be featured on the Ethics4NextGen Summit and Hackathon website. Woodbury’s marketing and fashion marketing students will be competing in the September 17th Ethics4NextGen AI Hackathon.


Dr. Svetlana Holt Published in the Encyclopedia of Business and Professional Ethics

“Change Management” is the title of a peer-reviewed article that Dr. Svetlana Holt recently got published in the Encyclopedia of Business and Professional Ethics, a living document from Springer Nature, one of the world’s leading academic publishers.

A fragment of the introduction:

Contemporary organizations exist in social, political, and economic environments that change rapidly and unpredictably. Organizational leaders succeed with such changes by looking at strategy, organization design, and processes, by studying theories of change management related to the individual, group, inter-group, and organizational level. They apply modern-day methods of diagnosing organizations and designing interventions that will increase the effectiveness of their organizations. The complexities in developing a culture of change and continuous improvement within an organization include determining its readiness for change, uncovering the reasons for resistance to change and tactics for coping with such resistance.

The entire article can be found here.

Dr. Satinder Dhiman Conducts Webinar Series

Invited by the International Chamber for Service Industry (ICSI), Dr. Satinder Dhiman conducted a series of webinars on the relevance of higher education in India.

The webinars pertained to various facets of higher education:

  • The Role of Srimad Bhagavad in Our Modern Education System (7 Webinars, once a week on Sunday morning, IST, to conclude on August 15, India’s independence day;
  • The Role of Buddhist Psychology
  • Uplifting the Research Agenda of Faculty, Flipped Classroom, and Blended Learning (Inaugural Address for a EduSummit, July 23, 2020)

Dr. Dhiman will also conduct the keynote address upon invitation by the International Buddhist Confederation. This will happen on August 17, 2020 at the beginning of a 4 day Conference.


Drs. Marques and Dhiman Published Social Entrepreneurship and Corporate Social Responsibility 

Dr. Joan Marques, Dean School of Business, and Dr. Satinder Dhiman, Associate Dean and MBA Chair, had their edited compilation, Social Entrepreneurship and Corporate Social Responsibility, published in July 2020. This work, which was printed by globally renowned academic publisher Springer, integrates two timely topics that draw from a variety of disciplines relating to sustainability. Social Entrepreneurship and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) have become core business principles for sustainability.

The work consists of 29 chapters, contributed by 48 authors from six continents, and aims to encourage social entrepreneurs in their role as forerunners, while it views corporate social responsibility as a means to increase social, cultural and environmental accountability. Read more about this book here


Drs. Dhiman and Marques Published Edited Volume, “New Horizons in Positive Leadership and Change”

In early March, Dr. Satinder Dhiman and Dr. Joan Marques published their edited volume, “New Horizons in Positive Leadership and Change: A Practical Guide for Workplace Transformation”, a Springer Nature publication on Management for Professionals.

Consisting of 20 insightful chapters, this edited volume provides managers, as well as students, with best practices in effectively leading the 21st century workforce and managing change. It applies positive principles arising from the newly emerging fields of positive psychology, positive change, and positive organizational studies to the field of leadership and change; offering managers strategies and tools to lead change effectively, in the present-day boundary-less work environment. At its most fundamental level, the uniqueness of this volume lies in its anchorage in the moral and spiritual dimension of leadership, an approach most relevant for contemporary organizations.

Dr. Theresa Billiot Publishes in Journal of International Education in Business

Dr. Billiot’s article entitled “Enhancing Student Empathy through the Taxonomy of Significant Learning” was recently accepted following a peer review process for publication in Journal of International Education in Business. The journal of International Education in Business (JIEB) is a peer-reviewed journal concerned with theoretical and pedagogic aspects of international education in business schools and its flow-on implications for the workplace.

Following is an abstract of her paper:

The purpose of this paper is to employ Fink’s (2013) taxonomy of significant learning in a retail marketing class to help rural, price-sensitive students develop empathy toward high-end urban customers while becoming self-directed learners. In a 16-week pilot course, students developed a gaming prototype and learned about the challenges of targeting those from a higher socioeconomic status. Qualitative data reflect how a majority of students acknowledged empathy as their weakness, but data also reveals how students plan to become continuous learners to improve their empathy in the future. Directions for future research is also discussed.


Theresa BilliotDr. Theresa Billiot Authored Accepted Marketing Educators’ Association Conference Paper

“Minimizing Hindsight Bias through TSL:  Immersing Students into Digital Environments to Battle Piracy” is the title of Dr. Billiot’s paper that has been accepted for presentation at the 2020 Marketing Educators’ Association (MEA) Conference.

This paper proposes an alternative approach to using case studies to minimize hindsight bias among students. While case studies help students learn about the history of challenges and solutions, students tend to view past decision-making through the lens of contemporary times.

Dr. Billiot’s work has been published in the MEA conference proceedings.

Book Publication

Dr. Thuc-Doan Nguyen Published “Gender Gap in College Enrollment”  in the Major Springer Reference Work, “Encyclopedia of Business and Professional Ethics.

A brief excerpt:

Gender equality is a human right. Globally, the gender gap is favoring men. Women have less opportunity in economic participation, less access education, greater health and safety risks. Policies to fix the old gender gap in college enrollment, however, create the new gender gap. Regardless the advantages in higher education, women still face inferior social and economic status. Thus, research and policies to address the boy’s issues need to be done in a systematic way to avoid the return of the old gender gap.


Dr. Nguyen contributed a chapter, titled, “Making Work a Happy Practice,” in The Routledge Chapter PublicationCompanion To Happiness At Work.

Research shows clear interactions between work and life. Workplace satisfaction has proven to affect people’s well-being in life. Work can and should foster individual wellness. In the chapter, Dr. Nguyen elaborates on the following questions: 1) What is happiness and meaning in the workplace? 2) What brings happiness at work? and 3) How do we create working environments that bring meaning and happiness?


Woodbury University

Dr. Nguyen won a Faculty Development Grant for her project, “Traditional Fish Sauce Fermentation Knowledge and Practices.”

Nước mắm is a liquid condiment made from fish, coated in salt and fermented. While traditional nước mắm is extracted from fermented fish without any additives, industrial fish sauces are mixtures of the fish extract, water, preservatives, artificial flavors, and artificial colors. Increasingly, modern factories that produce industrial fish sauce are entering the market. Traditional fish sauce production is currently facing the risk of extinction. Using observation and in-depth interview methods, this project aims to study the roles of cultural identity, ethics and sustainability in food consumption and production. Findings will become the foundation for a promotion campaign to preserve an endangered cultural heritage as well as mobilize sustainable food consumption.

Califest 2020 Ad

School of Business Dean Joan Marques Presented Workshop at Califest 2020

“Motivation: How to (Self-) Publish from Home” was the topic of Dr. Joan Marques’ recent workshop at the annual Caribbean Literary Festival (CALIFEST). CALIFEST celebrates the spirit and cultural heritage of the Caribbean and its people, and brings an awareness to the literary contributions of the Caribbean community in Southern California.  Representing her home country Suriname, which is a member of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM),

Dr. Marques addressed different options of publishing in our time, possible from the comfort of home. She shared some valuable lessons she learned over the past 16 years of publishing books, and explored the paths of self-publishing versus traditional publishing, thereby evaluating the most important pros and cons of each. Dr. Marques, who has published 31 books so far, reviewed several options within traditional publishing, and discussed some popular self-publishing avenues. She further emphasized some foundational preparatory steps aspiring authors should consider in order to enhance their options.​ The presentation can be viewed here.


Drs. Marques and Dhiman Published Social Entrepreneurship and Corporate Social Responsibility

Dr. Joan Marques, Dean School of Business, and Dr. Satinder Dhiman, Associate Dean and MBA Chair, had their compilation, Social Entrepreneurship and Corporate Social Responsibility, published in July 2020. This work, which was printed by globally renowned academic publisher Springer, integrates two timely topics that draw from a variety of disciplines relating to sustainability. Social Entrepreneurship and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) have become core business principles for sustainably.

The work consists of 29 chapters, contributed by 48 authors from six continents, and aims to encourage social entrepreneurs in their role as forerunners, while it views corporate social responsibility as a means to increase social, cultural and environmental accountability. Read more about this book here.


Dr. Joan Marques Published The Routledge Companion to Inclusive Leadership

In April 2020, Dr. Joan Marques, Dean of the School of Business, had her collaborative work, “The Routledge Companion to Inclusive Leadership” (Taylor & Francis) published. This work came to fruition as a massive collaborative project with 50 Management scholars from six global continents. The 30-chapter companion will serve as an important reference work on inclusive leadership, a practice that is needed more than ever in a VUCA world. It aims to help readers understand the importance of responsible and constructive practices and behavior in leadership.

The broad approach to inclusive leadership presented in this volume highlights correlations between inclusive leadership and myriad issues, qualities, and circumstances that serve as foundations or impact factors on it.

Dr. Adam Wood Co-Authored Accepted Western Academy of Management Paper 

“The Rise of Vietnamese Firms: A Strategic Profile of Vingroup” is the title of a recent paper, co-authored by Associate Professor Adam Wood. The paper, which was a collaboration with scholars A. Camillo and I. Camillo, has been formally accepted for presentation at the Western Academy of Management, an event that was cancelled due to Covid-19, but will now be published in the Academy’s annual proceedings.

In this paper, the authors intended to determine the future success of Vingroup and its contribution to Vietnam’s economic success. Specifically, they aimed to determine whether the dynamic growth of Vingroup could lead to a successful and sustainable global competitive advantage and lead it to position itself as an economic power to support Vietnam’s national economic growth. Preliminary results shown in a four-year trend analysis ending in 2018 indicate that the firm is financially stable, going concern, and solvent.

Student Spotlights

Learn more about our excellent School of Business students!

Headshot of Hrand "Harry" Krkyan, Class of '22

Hailing from L.A., Hrand “Harry” Krkyan, Class of ’22, transferred to Woodbury in August 2019 and has fashioned a deliberate, if eclectic, academic career – prior to Woodbury and since arriving here.  Harry has explored various disciplines within the School of Business, ultimately embracing Accounting as his passion.

Read more about Harry’s inspirational path here.

Madison Chambers Garcia Student Headshot Marketing School of Business

Madison Chambers-Garcia, a Woodbury University School of Business Marketing student, was not about to let the challenges of COVID-19 deter her from pursuing her dreams. Despite having to adjust to virtual learning, tutoring and working, she still managed to pulled off another 4.0  semester.

Using her professional background as a guideline, Madison opted for the Marketing major to include a cross section of industries. While taking a Consumer Behavior course, her professor asked if she would be interested in  becoming a tutor for her peers. The tutoring experience shaped the way Madison looks at her own academic career. We caught up with Madison after finals to learn more about her academic journey and what inspires her to keep moving forward. Read her story here.










Victor Jarvis, a Woodbury University Business School management student, jumped right into the 3+1 BBA/MBA Accelerated program, designed for students wanting to get both their BBA in Management and an MBA in just four years. Starting his second year (Fall 2020), Victor anticipates graduating in 2023.  A professional trained dancer, he shares his passion for the arts, along with his desire to create a business that helps transform underserved communities in the following interview.

Read his story here.

Alexis Unger has been painting and drawing for as long as she can remember. The Central Valley native, and first year Fashion Marketing major, gained her artistic inspiration from her older sister who used to draw characters from her favorite movies.

“What’s an older sister good for if it’s not to copy everything that they do?” she says.

Alexis, however, quickly took her artistic talents far beyond simple illustrations on paper. In fact, she’s working to build it into a brand.

Read her story here. 

MBA Students Formulate Essentials in Workplace DEI Performance

A team of 16 MBA students enrolled in the Summer 2020 course Diversity and Inclusion, formulated their perceived essentials in workplaces that would like to step up their diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) practices. Based on the course structure, students engaged in a series of awareness enhancing exercises, varying from examining their mental models, confronting unconscious biases, and understanding in- and outgroup dynamics, to embracing differences terminating sexism and bigotry, and securing diversity at every level. The students researched 16 major US corporations, and reported on the constructions of their corporate boards, many of which did not reflect the DEI standards these companies usually touted on their websites and promotional campaigns. The students also critiqued a series of movies on aspects of diversity and stereotypes to be mindful of. As one of their final projects, the students assisted in the formulation of a diversity statement, used in the School’s syllabi from fall 2020 on.

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