Woodbury Business Student Mia Morales Recurring Ebell Scholarship Recipient

Mia Morales, a Fashion Marketing student in the School of Business, has become a recurring recipient of the Ebell Scholarship. A Los Angeles native in her senior year, Mia transferred from Cal State Fullerton to Woodbury University three years ago. She also holds a degree in Fashion Design from Los Angeles Trade Technical College.

Given her interest and skills in the Fashion Industry, Mia aspires to become the Marketing Director for a major luxury brand, such as Dior or Louis Vuitton.

This confident and determined young lady is well aware of her specific qualities. She has great attention to detail, is emotionally intelligent, and is a strong visual thinker. She considers these skills needed to succeed in the fashion industry. “Every little thing is important no matter how insignificant it may seem, and visual thinking helps one see beyond what lies in front of them. I have always been emotionally intelligent, as it is easy for me to read a room and adapt,” says Mia.

When Mia learned about the Ebell scholarship from the University’s Associate VP of Academic Affairs, she decided to apply. While the application process was somewhat intricate, it was also a welcome practice toward professional preparation. It required transcript submissions, securing three letters of recommendation, and writing an essay. “Once the application is completed, each applicant gets interviewed by volunteer members of Ebell,” she explains.

Her first Ebell scholarship was awarded in fall 2019. “The great thing about this scholarship is that it automatically renews every semester, so there’s no need to re-apply,” she added.

Mia recommends other students apply for this scholarship, as it eases the challenge of affording higher education and therefore reduces the recipient’s stress levels. Mia feels that receiving the Ebell scholarship allowed her to focus less on finances and more on her school and career path.

In advising other students, Mia emphasizes, “They should not procrastinate and start right away so they have ample time to write a strong essay and should ask multiple people to read their submission to catch any errors they may overlook. It’s also important to become involved in community service, as this is highly appreciated within the scholarship review, and ask for letters of recommendation early on, so that the generous supporters have time to write good ones.”

About the Ebell/Flint Scholarship Fund

The Ebell/Flint Scholarship Fund was established for undergraduates who have completed their first year of studies. Scholarships range from $3,000 per year for two-year community college students to $5,000 per year for students attending a four-year university. The scholarships continue for a maximum of three years while the student is enrolled as an undergraduate and maintains Ebell eligibility requirements. The Ebell/Flint Scholarship is open to male and female undergraduate students of any major who attend private or public colleges or universities. There is no fee to apply. (According to the Ebell/Flint Scholarship fund website.)


Last Updated on November 23, 2020. 

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