Exploring Gender at Work: Multiple Perspectives – A New Anthology

Dr. Joan Marques, Dean of the School of Business at Woodbury University, edited and co-authored an anthology titled, “Exploring Gender at Work: Multiple Perspectives,” in collaboration with 39 scholars from 13 countries. This timely work, published by globally renowned Palgrave MacMillan, consists of 23 chapters and reviews the phenomenon of gender and its many manifestations of equality.

This collective project aims to increase awareness and justice in academic and professional environments, as it addresses long-standing and ongoing social problems, such as discrimination, stereotyping, prejudice, as well as a plethora of societal and industry influences that sustain the trend of gender imbalance. Spanning a broad scope in time, backgrounds, and implementation, this anthology addresses a variety of approaches including a historical overview, contemporary gender-based issues, gender approaches across the disciplines, and cultural influences. Readers are confronted with existing biases as they process topics related to gender communication differences, stereotypes, tensions and resistances, assigned social roles, transgenderism, non-binary identities, tension fields between equality and equity, relational aggression, and more.

A critical underlying aim of this book is to contribute constructively and progressively to the dialogue on the definition of gender, thus addressing an ongoing challenge for policymakers, organizational leaders, and scholars.

In order to provide a wide scope of the topic, the chapters in this book are clustered in four sections: I) A Historical Overview, II) Contemporary Gender-Based Issues, III) Gender Approaches Across the Disciplines, and VI) Cultural Influences and Gender.

Last Updated on March 29, 2021. 

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