School of Business Organizes 8th Annual Business Summit

On Friday, April 5th, the School of Business organized its 8th business summit in virtual format.

This event is open to business faculty and administrators from local community colleges, and aims to strengthen the connection between Woodbury University’s School of Business and these institutions, many of which serve as feeder colleges of our transfer student population.

The theme of this year was “The Changing Climate of Business Education, and representatives from the following eight colleges were in attendance: Glendale Community College, College of the Canyons, Los Angeles Valley College, Pasadena City College, Citrus College, Los Angeles Mission College, Los Angeles City College and West Los Angeles College.

Three brief presentations served as instigators for dialogues during the summit:

  • Innovative Trends and Models in Today’s Business Education, presented by Dr. Joan Marques
  • The Renewed Importance of Experiential Learning in the Changing Business Climate, presented by Dr. Adam Wood
  • Robots & AI in Education, presented by Dr. Mark Lampert

Each of the presentations resulted in a lively reflective session of best practices, challenges, and perspectives on the path forward.

Two graduating Woodbury business students, Alyana Castro and Deven Momi, joined the session to share their rich community college experience prior to or during their Woodbury journey. Deven emphasized the importance of utilizing the community college opportunity he had as a foundation for his bachelor’s business education, while Alyana described how enrolling in community college courses during her High School years and while at Woodbury enabled her to reduce a four-year BBA trajectory to two years.

As has also become customary in this annual summit, there were trivia questions, which resulted in five participants winning Amazon gift baskets.

All participants praised the pace and the content of the summit, the constructive interaction, and the opportunity to expand their circle of business educator contacts.


Last Updated April 8, 2024

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