International Students

Woodbury’s Office of International Student Services serves a large and diverse international population hailing from over more than 40 countries!

Woodbury has developed a truly vibrant environment that promotes cultural diversity and cross-cultural communication throughout the university. International students will experience opportunities to connect with the campus community and experience the culture of the United States and Southern California. Specialized resources are available for students throughout their education involving individual attention, advisement, academic support and student life support.

Resources and Support

International Student Advisor | Designated School Official (DSO)
Advisors assist new and continuing international students in maintaining legal F-1 visa status, employment options, travel outside the United States, and all other matters related to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) regulations including:

Travel and Immigration

  • Planning your arrival
  • Maintaining student status
  • Curricular Practical Training (CPT)
  • Optional Practical Training (OPT)
  • Immigration Workshop: Life After OPT
  • Change of status to F-1 Reinstatement of F-1 status
  • F-1 student employment
  • Travel and visas Lost or stolen visa
  • Applying for a new visa
  • F-2 dependent information
  • I-94 online retrieval
  • Immigration attorney referrals


  • Business Office information
  • Tax information
  • Medical insurance
  • Social Security Number

Living in the United States

  • Driver’s License
  • Selective Service
  • Jury Duty
  • Events and information sessions

International Peer Advisors (IPA)
New international students are assigned an International Peer Advisor (IPA). IPAs are international students who provide support and encouragement to new students, and help them to adjust to life at Woodbury, and in the United States.

Tutors and Writing Coaches
Tutors and coaches assist new and continuing international students with many different subjects, including writing and conversational English.

Transitional English Language Program (TELP)
Woodbury works with Study Group USA to provide transitional English courses to new and continuing international students who need to improve their English before entering Woodbury coursework.

Academic Peer Mentors
Mentors meet with students each week to assist them in preparing for classes, managing their time, and answering questions about campus processes and procedures.

Student Affairs Academic Advisor
Advisors assist new and continuing TELP Phase 2 students with Woodbury academic coursework.

Faculty Academic Advisor
Advisors assist students with academic courses, class requirements and scheduling, and graduation requirements.

“Life in Another Country” Discussions & Events
This program allows international students the opportunity to discuss the excitement and challenges of “life in another country” with other international students as well as American students. The open discussion provides a platform to share how students are dealing with new customs and cultures in America. “Life in Another Country” programs include topics such as diversity, observing traditional holidays, and guidelines for U.S. academic writing requirements.

Course Resource | Culture Shocks
This course is designed to aid students with the cultural, communicative and social understandings necessary for studying abroad, “Culture Shocks” is an interdisciplinary course designed for domestic and international students studying, or thinking about studying, in regions other than one’s home area. Covering such issues as intercultural diversity, the differences in people’s attitudes towards education, the elderly, authority, and other values, students interactively explore their personal competencies, group skills, and cultural heritages.

Experiencing Southern California Culture
Woodbury helps international students experience the culture of Southern California and the United States by planning and providing fun and educational events.  These include bus tours, beach trips, holiday parties, and other activities that allow international students to experience and enjoy the culture of Southern California!

Woodbury International Student Organization (WISA)
This student organization provides a platform for international students to meet scholars from over 40 countries to learn about and share their cultures through events, discussions, and gatherings.