Graduate Programs

Graduate students are required to attend orientation. Orientation brings together faculty and students for an initial discussion of program requirements and tools for success. It helps prepare you for the rigorous standards ahead and exposes you to an array of support services available from your new campus community.

Orientation Registration


Master of Architecture
Master of Business Administration
Master of Interior Architecture
Master of Science in Architecture


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Spring 2018

To register for the mandatory orientation, select the date below

Wednesday, January 9            5:30pm – 8:00pm

What should I expect at Graduate Orientation?

• Degree program requirements

• Advising and curriculum overview

• Completion of course registration

• Overview of university resources and policies

• Overview of program-specific resources/tools

• Student ID cards (including sitting for a headshot)

• Strategies for adapting to intensive/accelerated coursework

• Opportunities to discuss your degree program with current faculty

• Optional campus tour

What should I bring to Graduate Orientation?

• Laptop computer or tablet (optional)

• Your Woodbury University portal login and password (if received)

• All admissions and financial aid correspondence