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Sustainable Practices

Bachelor of Arts in Sustainable Practices

The BA in Sustainable Practices is a new interdisciplinary degree that integrates knowledge of design, economics, policy, and environment to advance the field of sustainability. It promotes a rigorous understanding of how resources are used and how decisions are made in society, as well as the impact of technology and consumption on the environment. Central to the curriculum are interdisciplinary, problem-based studio courses that challenge students to develop links between the theory and practice of sustainability in real-world contexts.

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Making at Woodbury

Woodbury School of Architecture’s Making Complex is a platform for experimentation and advanced fabrication. Discover how Woodbury is exploring new technologies to rethink the future of architecture and push the boundaries of design.


Research that fuels innovation

Evaluate the role and effectiveness of a broad range of methods of inquiry and analysis in order to understand the concepts and methods of different academic disciplines and the way in which these can address sustainability challenges.

Holistic problem solving

Identify holistic ways of understanding sustainability problems, the concepts of sustainability, the issues involved, and the disciplines needed to address real-world problems.

Reform policy

Evaluate and challenge sustainability policies among institutions for water, land, air, and urban management from the local to the global level.


Sustainable Practices Course Details

The Sustainable Practices program offers a comprehensive course schedule. Please see below for more details.

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Woodbury School of Architecture supports our students in building a strong foundation for professional practice while investigating the nature of practice itself. These experiences prepare students to make informed choices regarding their diverse career options. Visit our School of Architecture Career Services page for more information.

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Our faculty are architects, designers, academics and policy makers practicing in Los Angeles, San Diego and Tijuana. This internationally recognized and award-winning group works closely with students to teach the skills required to push the limits of practice.

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