School of Media Culture & Design

The School of Media, Culture & Design is a thriving, dynamic media design school offering many challenging degree paths designed to cultivate the next generation of creative professionals.



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Professional Paths

By bringing together diverse fields in the areas of media, culture and design, our programs provide innovative learning opportunities in an interdisciplinary environment. The school encompasses eight undergraduate programs in the fields of animation, communication, fashion design, filmmaking, game art and design, graphic design, applied computer science  and psychology.


Interdisciplinary Environment

Students are encouraged to explore the areas between and around these disciplines as they develop their personal vision and professional paths. Graphic Design students might select a consumer behavior course in psychology to better understand the factors that influence purchasing decisions. Fashion Design students may be interested in exploring costuming in the filmmaking department. Game Art & Design students might connect with Applied Computer Science to understand the logic and muscle that powers their games. Animation students might look to the psychology department to understand the power of stories to influence thoughts and behaviors.

Creative Nexus

Our Communication department provides a cultural context for all of these connections, from visual communication to verbal and nonverbal social interactions to the examination of social and ethical entailments of rapidly evolving technological innovation. In the School of Media, Culture & Design, students are able to realize their educational objectives within a creative nexus that fully embraces, informs and enriches their academic journey.


Design Foundation

In the Design Foundation program, students learn core drawing, design, color and composition skills to prepare them for their major studies.

Each Foundation student also learns important professional life skills such as communication, time management and critical thinking. With a small class size and experienced, passionate faculty, students receive individual attention in each class session.

In our drawing courses students will develop key perceptual and technical skills for visualizing ideas and for self-expression. They will also gain capacities such as focus, self-confidence and a discerning eye.

In our design and color courses students will investigate the building blocks of 2D, 3D and time-based design and then learn to arrange them in personal and meaningful ways.

Our classes always consist of students from multiple majors. In this way students will discover that core design principles are crucial to each of the majors. Design is a language often spoken across disciplines, and it is here that students learn to speak design with each other.

School of Media Culture & Design Studio Faculty

Faculty Directory

Our faculty are accomplished caring academics and professionals dedicated to supporting the success of students throughout their academic journey. They bring their professional expertise to students and work closely with them to teach the skills and theory required to enter professional practice or pursue advanced study. Through this individual attention, we foster close mentoring relationships between faculty and students in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Faculty Directory

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