Accounting Student Gears up for Internship at Ernst & Young

Dana Herrera, an LA County native, was born and raised near Burbank.  Planning to graduate Spring 2021, she is entering the final stages of obtaining her bachelor in business administration (BBA) in Accounting.

Dana is a transfer student from Glendale Community College (GCC). She selected Woodbury University as her educational home because of its convenient location, but soon found the institution had so much more to offer. The initial recommendation to explore Woodbury came from an accounting teacher at GCC, who spoke highly of the accounting program. After connecting with a Woodbury recruiter, Dana quickly realized it was a match and received guidance toward a smooth transfer.

When reflecting on the Accounting program, Dana says, “It is impossible to get lost or left behind in the School of Business. Faculty and administrative staff work incredibly hard to foster an environment in which even the quietest students find their voice and passion for business.”  She believes the nurturing culture at Woodbury invokes an atmosphere of creative, driven, and passionate students who feel they have something to contribute. “With faculty as an available resource to all students, mentorship is a given, Dana adds.  “The accounting program consists of a tight-knit community of students with core values of academic excellence, professional development, and teamwork.”

Many of the School of Business students work either full-time or part-time to accumulate work experience while finishing their degree. Dana currently serves as a bookkeeper and tax associate at a local accounting firm, where she gets to exercise her academic knowledge on a daily basis. This dual experience of work and study allows her to continue to explore more complex assignments.

As for her near-term future, Dana plans to intern this summer at Ernst & Young, one of the major accounting firms, on the assurance (audit) team. Following her internship, she aims to work toward earning her CPA license.  Down the road, she prefers to focus her career on professional services and in finance.

Dana is a prominent member of the School’s Collegiate Entrepreneur’s Organization (CEO), as well as the Accounting Society. Outside of work and school, she is fond of books and music. She reads horror and sci-fi books, and plays piano, guitar, and electric bass.

When advising incoming students at Woodbury’s School of Business, Dana says, “Don’t be afraid of getting involved.  When it comes to group projects in class, joining an organization, or attending networking events, it’s best to dive in and own your experiences.  You’ll get the most out of your education and time that way.  When I first transferred, I thought I’d be the last person to get involved in any organizations.  I expected to get through my program, collect my diploma, and wave goodbye.  I never could have anticipated the fun or satisfaction that comes from being a part of something bigger than oneself.  Not only have I been able to draw on my experiences during interviews, but those experiences have also awarded me with immeasurable self-confidence and the realization that I can achieve great things.  The most important thing you’ll learn about in college is yourself!”

Last Updated on February 25, 2021. 

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