Center for Leadership, Equity & Diversity

As a linchpin to connect, engage, educate and empower all the rich elements of our campus community tapestry, Woodbury’s University’s Center for Leadership, Diversity And Equity (LEAD) is grounded in the values of social justice, building strong alliances with visionary up-and-coming leaders and catalyzing positive change. There is no greater challenge today on and off a college campus today than to harness our collective strengths for the common betterment to learn, serve, and transform.

Monthly Newsletter

Four Core Functions


LEAD engages campus and off-campus constituencies by providing intercultural/ intergroup dialogues and leadership forums for marginalized communities, and by engaging allies and  organizations that promote diversity and equality. Creating a community of equity does not happen in a vacuum but only occurs when each of us embraces diversity and leads by example.


LEAD empowers students, faculty, staff, and off-campus partners to celebrate and appreciate their cultural heritage, providing an avenue for developing a sense of belonging and a commitment to equity and excellence. The Center strives to build vibrant communities, where the power of difference maximizes true potential for innovation, collaboration and academic engagement in society.


LEAD acts as a hub in collaboration with campus and off-campus partners to promote high-level educational programs, workshops and colloquia that advance diversity education and cultural competencies. The Center serves as a change agent in fostering cultural pluralism and contributing to social justice education in an inclusive and safe environment.


LEAD commits itself to training and leadership development for all members of our community by concentrating on building individual leadership identities that will have positive impact locally and globally.  The Center provides programs and educational venues to promote a supportive environment for all.

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