Center for Leadership

The Center for Leadership, together with our community partners, develops visionary ethical leaders and critical thinkers as we inspire positive and transformative changes in our world.

A Community Resource

The Center for Leadership is a unique enterprise providing training, resources and programming to develop and advance the skills and practice of community and civic leaders. It has become a regionally recognized community resource hosting distinguished business and civic leaders and community groups in symposia and conferences focusing on contemporary leadership issues. Working with municipal jurisdictions for over a decade, its flagship certificate program Leadership Burbank, has provided training for community leaders through leadership and supervisory academies that deliver employee enhancement programs for succession preparation.

Creating Leaders

Our programs focus on understanding human behavior, strategic communication, conflict resolution, ethical decision-making and principles of effective leadership. The heart of our educational approach rests on the belief in emotional intelligence and in the capacity of adult learners to engage in creative, analytic and critical thinking approaches for both professional and personal growth. The Center’s programs help both individuals and organizations gain the conceptual skills essential to success at all levels of administration across the public and private sector. The attributes of effective leadership consist of more than simply being put in charge of a project or promoted to an administrative role. Instead, leadership demands effective communication, good decision making, emotional intelligence, critical thinking, sharp conflict and change management, and ethical behavior.

Past Conferences

  • In2Thinking Network
  • Armenian-American Leadership Conference
  • Women’s Leadership Symposium


  • Leadership Burbank
  • Boys and Girls Club of Burbank and Greater East Valley