The CARE Team

Concern, Assess, Respond, Evaluate (CARE) is a cross-divisional team that reviews student cases related to social, mental health, academic or behavioral issues.

CARE Mission

The Campus CARE Team engages in proactive and collaborative approaches to identify, assess, and mitigate risks associated with members of the campus community, and visitors exhibiting concerning behaviors or thoughts.  By partnering with members of the community, the CARE Team strives to promote well being and success while prioritizing community safety.

The CARE team serves the university and individual students by arranging, coordinating, monitoring, evaluating and advocating for students in need of assistance.  Through collaboration and coordination of resources, we seek to foster academic and personal success for students.

See who’s on the CARE team

Esteban Blas | Interim Dean of Students
Ruth Burgher-Gibore | Director of Counseling Services
Edward Rivas | Assistant Vice President, Academic Affairs
Gabriela Delgado | Academic Advisor HSI Sustainability Programs Grant
Rossanna Muraro-Friedman | Senior International Student Advisor
Justine Hasting | Residence Life Coordinator
Jennnifer Meza-Zaragoza | Academic Counselor
Carrie Watts | Director, Office of Disabilities and Accessibilities Services
Jaelyn Johnson | Academic Advisor
Brenda Blas | Financial Advisor
Keith Gibbs | Campus Security Manager

See, Say, Do Something

Woodbury University is committed to a safe, supportive learning and working environment for all members of the campus community. We take all threats of violence seriously to protect everyone’s health and well-being.

Preventing violence on campus depends on Woodbury community members by identifying and communicating behaviors of concern—early identification of concerns allows administrators and staff to provide resources to students in distress to minimize harm of self or others. You can help by being aware of your surroundings on campus and reporting any unusual activity. We are all responsible for safety. If you see something, say and do something about it – report any concerning behavior and suspicious activity.

Our Process

We meet regularly to discuss reports or information that have been submitted and decide what, if any, course of action may be necessary on the part of the CARE team.
The team will develop and recommend a coordinated plan of action. All CARE efforts will be directed toward striking a balance between interests in ensuring community safety, protecting individual rights, and in preserving a healthy campus learning, living, and working environment.


Some behavior problems have no clear explanation, but are clearly not conducive to the supportive learning environment Woodbury intends to promote. At other times, a person’s poor behavior can be linked to substance use, a medical condition, or a mental health problem.
The CARE team gathers and examines information from a variety of resources in an effort to assess whether a Woodbury community member might need additional assistance and, if so, how that might be provided most helpfully. In addition to the core CARE members, legal counsel, other administrators, faculty or staff members knowledgeable of the issue at hand might also meet with the CARE team.

Submit a referral

If you submit a report, we will use it in conjunction with other reports to see if there are any other areas of concern for the student. We also encourage you to continue to give updates to the CARE team if, and when, new information or concerns arise about the student.

This process does not replace faculty classroom management, disciplinary processes, and/or campus safety responses to incidents. We are not a crisis management team. All emergencies should be immediately reported to Campus Safety and/or 911.

To submit a concern about a student please use the following link: 

Submit a report

Resources for Faculty and Staff

Here are some resources to help faculty and staff as they assist students experiencing distress, or address students who may be disruptive.

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