Undergraduate Programs

Woodbury is committed to helping students complete their degree. Here is the criteria to begin the process of readmission.

Resolve Financial Holds

In order to expedite the process of readmission, prospective students must clear any financial holds on their account, including:

  • Financial holds with the Business Office
  • Academic holds with Student Affairs
  • Registration holds with the Registrar
Students walking

Recent students

A readmission application is not required for students who were enrolled within the last two years and did not formally withdraw from Woodbury.

To continue, simply contact the Registrar. Students who have formally withdrawn from the university or were academically dismissed must reapply with the Admissions Office.

More than two years removed

Admitted students who were enrolled but have been continuously absent from Woodbury for more than two years must complete a readmission application.


Once you have completed the readmission application, please email the signed and dated pdf to: