Ask a Woodbury University Student

One of the best ways to learn about Woodbury University is by talking to a current student. Chat with one of our student ambassadors via text.

Graphic Design (Class of 2020)



I come from Los Angeles, CA.

I speak  English and Spanish.

Clubs/groups you are involved in on campus: Sorority (Sigma Omega Nu), AIGA (Graphic Design club), and Academic Peer Mentor

Favorite courses: UX Design, Package Design, Typography

Favorite spot on campus and why: Woody’s because you are able to eat lunch with friends, and also see all the events that are going on. Sometimes they give out free stuff and lots of Woodbury Merch

Hobbies / interests: Designing stuff for others, hanging out with friends, being able to help others when they need it

I chose to attend Woodbury University because  it was a small campus and I knew that I was going to love the small class sizes. It was a good environment to interact with professors.

Text me: (323) 417-6414


Game Design + Professional Writing (Class of 2021)



I come from Burbank, CA.

I speak English, Armenian, and a bit of Spanish.

Clubs/groups you are involved in on campus: I’m the Treasurer of the Woodbury Arts Association.

Favorite courses: I’ve enjoyed a lot of my game classes for teaching me a lot of new skills, especially the ones that focus on programming. However, ANIM 204 Layout and GAME 323 Story Interactive are some of my top favorites I’ve taken since I feel like they’ve nurtured my art and writing skills the most.

Favorite Spot on campus and why:  It would probably have to be the little patio area behind the Writing Center. It’s a charming, quiet spot that many people don’t stumble upon, so it’s a nice place to sit by one of the benches and do work. Or you can just enjoy the nature!

Hobbies / interests:  I love drawing and illustrating. It’s always acted as a springboard for me to express myself, so it’s an interest of mine I strive to constantly improve in. Also I love playing any kinds of games: board games, video games — you name it! I’m always willing to give something a try.

I chose to attend Woodbury University because I liked how well put together the Game Design curriculum was. I genuinely felt like there was a nice balance of infusing an interdisciplinary versus specialized approach to the classes, so I foresaw coming out of Woodbury with a balanced and marketable skill set. Short commute time was definitely a nice bonus as well.

Text me: (323) 417-6446


Architecture (Class of 2023)



I come from Sebastopol, CA.

I speak English.

Clubs/groups you are involved in on campus: none currently.

Favorite courses: Last semester I had a really interesting class on the architecture of Southern California that I really enjoyed!

Favorite spot on campus and why: the library because it’s a beautiful space to work and be productive.

Hobbies / interests: art and fashion! I have an online store where I sell some of my clothes and I love to express myself through style. Art has always been a big part of my life and I love to draw and paint.

I chose to attend Woodbury University because of its architecture program which includes the IPAL program that helps young architects get their license. Also because of the location in SoCal.

Text me: (323) 417-6681


Animation (Class of 2022)



I come from El Paso, TX.

I speak English.

Clubs/groups you are involved in on campus: none currently

Favorite course: Gesture Drawing

Favorite spot on campus and why: Library, it is the best place to study and relax.

Hobbies / interests: Drawing, playing my violin, skate boarding

I chose to attend Woodbury University because I loved the opportunities it has close to many animation studios.

Text me: (323) 417-6428


Fashion Design (Class of 2021)



I come from San Fernando, CA.

I speak English .

Clubs/groups you are involved in on campus: Fashion Design Club

Favorite courses: Design Studio, Design & Illustration, and Textile Arts.

Favorite spot on campus and why: the library because of the beautiful and calm environment and comfortable couches.

Hobbies / interests: Drawing, sewing

I chose to attend Woodbury University because of the beautiful campus, great resources for majors, and help with networking!

Text me: (323) 417-6684