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Architecture (Class of 2025)



I come from Fontana, CA.

I speak English and Spanish.

Clubs/groups you are involved in on-campus: President of Delta Sigma Phi.

Favorite courses: I really enjoyed my ARCH 125 course because it focused on architecture in SoCal. For that class, we got to take field trips to those locations and take class outside of campus.

Favorite spot on campus and why: My architecture studio space is my favorite spot because it becomes your own work space. It’s also a great place to collaborate and work with your friends on projects any time of the day or night.

Hobbies/interests: I enjoy playing soccer, golf, and being active. I also love spending time with friends. I am also interested in traveling all around the world.

I chose to attend Woodbury University because of the unique feeling at Woodbury of not being just a number or face in a class. I feel like it is my home away from home which has been great when having to spend majority of my time on campus. The architecture program was also the main reason why I decided to attend Woodbury due to learning how to work on projects digitally and physically especially since I like working hands on.

Text me: (323) 417-6684



Interdisciplinary Studies (Class of 2025)



I come from Los Angeles, CA.

I speak English and Spanish

Clubs/groups you are involved in on-campus: Phi Sigma Sigma, Unity

Favorite courses: My favorite classes were MORIA (Writ 400), The reason was that I was Managing Editor for Issue 11, and I felt a part of the team. Film 200, my introduction to screenwriting class, It was fun to see scripts again and be creative since I did some writing programs when I was younger. INDS 350- Interdisciplinary Research was my favorite class since I was able to combine all my interests into a research topic and present it in any way I wanted to.

Favorite spot on campus and why: My favorite spot would have to be the Library, I usually would be doing work in the main space and focusing on schoolwork. When I want to just hang out and be with friends, I would be in the library courtyard.

Hobbies/interests: I love to read, write, do personal vlogs, and go to hang out with my friends.

I chose to attend Woodbury University because honestly, it’s the small size of it all. I enjoy how small the classes are so that I have a chance to speak to my professor. I have seen some of the big universities that for some classes you need to walk almost 30 minutes to reach your next class, here, you just walk next door. I also wanted to have a major ( Interdisciplinary Studies) that allowed my creative freedom to be present in my work, and I was allowed to be curious and investigate new disciplines.

Text me: (323) 827-7715



Marketing (Class of 2024)



I come from Sylmar, CA.

I speak English and Spanish.

Clubs/groups you are involved in on-campus:Vice President of La Voz Unida and Financial Coach for The Financial Sustainability Program.

Favorite courses:My favorite course so far has been MRKT 321 Advertising and Promotions
class. We work on a semester-long project where we take what we learn in order to create ideas
for commercials, advertisements, and promotion on a selected topic!

Favorite Spot on campus and why:My favorite spot on campus has to be Hensel Hall because there is a couch were you can rest and it is also were the academic affairs office is located (My
student-work job)

Hobbies/interests: I love playing soccer and watching all types of sports. I also enjoy going to
Mexico and spending time with family/ friends

I chose to attend Woodbury University because of the interaction between professors and students, seeing that there were small classes made me feel comfortable and confident that I’d have more interaction with the professors and learn more. I didn’t just want to be another face in a classroom where the professors wouldn’t even know my name.

Text me: (818) 446-1989



Architecture (Class of 2027)



I come from Chatsworth, CA.

I speak English and Persian.

Clubs/groups you are involved in on-campus: I am part of the American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) Woodbury Chapter.

Favorite courses: My favorite courses are my studio class of each semester, and ARTH 205. The studio class is the main course for architecture to learn new software and come up with new design ideas and creating models. I also enjoyed the History of Contemporary Art class which gave me a new perspective on art and I appreciated the friendliness of my professor.

Favorite Spot on campus and why: Well, I have two favorite spots on campus, the first one would be my studio since I basically live there and do everything, and the second would be the walkway from School of Architecture to Woody’s, our campus Cafe because of the green environment it has which boosts my spirit.

Hobbies/interests: I like to read, watch movies/TV shows and hang out with friends.

I chose to attend Woodbury University because it’s accredited architect school, because of its size it’s not too crowded, has 24/7 access to studios with 24/7 security around which makes it a safe place to be at.

Text me: (818) 446-1950

Master of Business Administration (Class of 2024)



I come from Yerevan, Armenia.

I speak English, Armenian and Russian.

Clubs/groups you are involved in on-campus: None at the moment.

Favorite Courses: My leadership-related courses were my favorite. They were enlightening both professionally and personally.

Favorite Spot on campus and why: The Alumni Quad would have to be my favorite spot on campus. It’s perfect for strolling around and having a moment for yourself amidst the chaos of school.

Hobbies/interests: I enjoy watching movies and hanging out with friends/family.

I chose to attend Woodbury University because its small class size helps to create a more inclusive and welcoming environment for students to speak up and express themselves, get to know each other as well as the professors.

Text me: (323) 417-6623



Filmmaking (Class of 2026)



I come from Coarsegold, CA

I speak English

Clubs/groups you are involved in on-campus: I am a part of the Woodbury Film community and the WUGU Events Club.

My Favorite courses are Advanced Editing in the spring where I learned Davinci Resolve as well as Cinematography.

Hobbies/interests: I love to bike and hike around Burbank and Glendale and find new places for landscape or urban photography, I’m also a hobbyist drone pilot and love flying through the hills behind Burbank.

I chose to attend Woodbury University mostly because of its intimate scale. I appreciate the small class sizes, which provide me with the opportunity to engage directly with my professors. Unlike larger universities where traversing between classes can sometimes entail a 30-minute walk, here everything is conveniently located just a few steps away. I’ve also had friends from back home attend and tell me how great the film major was, and was also thrilled to jump right into film courses my freshman year instead of having to only do general education first.

Text me: (323) 274-1973



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