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The Career Services Office provides programs, services and resources designed to encourage and assist students in all aspects of career planning. The office also fosters partnerships with employers, alumni, faculty and the community to provide opportunities for students to build the foundation of a successful career.


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Services and Events

Students at Woodbury have many options for developing the skills and experience they need to pursue their career goals. Some of the services we provide include:

  • Career Counseling – Career Services is here to talk about your career and graduate school options, to support you in searching for jobs and internships, and to help you identify the unique strengths that you bring to your professional life.
  • Job Search Process – Whether you are beginning your job search or you’re at the interview stage, Career Services can support you in finding opportunities, polish your resume and cover letter, and practice with mock interviews.
  • Events – Career Fairs are held annually to connect students, alumni, and employers to great opportunities. Career Services also provides workshops throughout the year on topics ranging from how to use Handshake to creating a great resume.



Internships are a graduation requirement for all majors. Woodbury’s Los Angeles/Burbank location provides a wealth of internship opportunities that allow students to gain practical work experience in their field of interest. The Career Development office offers career guidance and support to assist students in finding appropriate internship experiences, as well as employers in becoming host company partners.

Internship Advantages

  • Gain work experience during college
  • Learn more about your chosen field
  • Apply classroom theory to real work situations
  • Identify interests and talents while building on personal and professional skills
  • Enhance and strengthen your resume.
  • Allow you to make contacts to gain future employment
  • Serve as a bridge between college and career

Internship Requirements

Internship requirements vary from major to major, but typically:

  • take place during your junior or senior year.
  • require anywhere from 90 to 160 logged hours.
  • can be completed in the fall, spring or summer semesters.
  • must be related to your academic program.
  • can be paid or unpaid, depending on your program requirements.
  • are supervised by experienced professionals.

Four-Year Career Services Plan

Woodbury offers a variety of resources and tools that students can take advantage of to help them succeed. View the four-year plan by expanding the panels to the right.

  • Visit the Career Services office to find out what services are available to you.
  • Discuss career interests with a faculty advisor in your department, to plan relevant course work.
  • Speak with the Career Counselor about helping you get started creating an effective resume.
  • Attend job fairs and other career events, both on and off campus, to gather information and start building your network.
  • Volunteer for community service activities to build your skills and experience.
  • Research part-time, summer or on-campus jobs related to your field of study.
  • Begin to compile a “wish list” of the companies and/or potential employers in your field that you would like to work for – and familiarize yourself with their mission, values & culture using online research.
  • Get involved with student groups and organizations related to your major and/or career interests.
  • Establish your professional online presence by creating your LinkedIn account and filling out your profile.
  • Connect with Woodbury social media accounts to stay up to date on campus activities and services.
  • Activate your account on the Woodbury Online Student Job Board to keep informed about job and internship opportunities.

•   Find a part-time job on or off campus to build your work experience.
•   Keep your resume updated as you add skills and experience through studies and professional development activities.
•   Work with your department to develop your portfolio.
•   Continue to build communication, teamwork and problem-solving skills through student activities and organizations.
•   Build your professional social media presence by updating your profile on LinkedIn, and establishing professional accounts on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and begin following professionals in your field.
•   Develop a professional statement / “Elevator Pitch” that will serve as your introductory statement when meeting others at networking events, interviews, professional functions, etc.
•   Start exploring internship options for you major/areas of career interest to become familiar with the internship timelines & process, preparing you to find an internship in your junior year.
•  Research potential internship opportunities in your field to ensure that you are gaining the necessary skills and experience needed to promote yourself as a strong candidate for internships you will be pursuing in the near future.
•  Talk to alumni and conduct informational interviews to learn about the specific career options available in your discipline.
•   Pursue leadership opportunities in student groups and service organizations in order to gain experience that can enhance your resume and other professional profiles.

  • Identify internship opportunities through online searches, the Woodbury Student Job Board, faculty advisors, networking, and visiting Career Services.
  • Pursue, obtain and complete an internship in your field – meet with the Internship Coordinator for your department for documentation and approval.
  • Research positions in your field to ensure your skills match the ones needed in the job you want.
  • Identify the appropriate attire for job fairs, recruiting events and interviews for those in your field, and make sure your wardrobe is ready.
  • Update your resume and cover letter, learn about tailoring your documents to specific job openings, and check in with Career Services to ensure that your documents are professional and ready to submit.
  • Create/update your professional portfolio and have it reviewed by an advisor in your department to ensure it is a strong marketing tool to promote your abilities when presented to a potential employer.
  • Attend career fairs to learn the specific current skills and experiences that are expected for potential hires by the employers in your field.
  • Build your interview skills through practice – schedule a mock interview with Career Services.
  • Continue updating your LinkedIn profile with internship experiences and new skills, and focus on expanding online networking connections by interacting with professionals in your field as well as Woodbury alumni, faculty and fellow students.
  • Stay during the summer as an assistant to a faculty or staff member. Check for special positions and opportunities in your department.
  • If you didn’t completed an internship in your Junior year, make sure you find and complete one no later than Spring of your Senior year in order to meet the graduation internship requirement at Woodbury.
  • If you have finished an internship, consider pursuing and completing another internship experience to explore another aspect of your field of choice, or to provide expanded skills development and professional experience for your resume.
  • Continue to grow your network through online professional interaction, in-person networking and other career events, informational interviews and department connections.
  • Research current trends and skills in your chosen profession to make sure you have developed the necessary abilities for entry-level professionals. If there’s a skill or experience missing that’s needed for your field, pursue opportunities for independent learning.
  • Build a list of professional references who are willing to vouch for your skills. Prepare a list of the contact information for those agreeing to be your reference, to submit to potential employers when asked.
  • Schedule a mock interview with Career Services to practice your skills and prepare for interviews with potential employers.
  • Continue attending career fairs and other on and off-campus networking events to meet potential employers and practice your networking and interviewing skills.
  • Continue developing your expertise at tailoring the resumes and cover letters you submit when applying for specific openings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some frequently asked questions related to Career Services at Woodbury

Students who are looking for assistance creating a new resume and/or cover letter should stop by the Career Center for handouts that can help to guide them through the process.

For students who would like their resume reviewed, they can bring a copy to the Whitten Center and ask for an appointment, or email a copy to [email protected], then make a review appointment by calling (818) 252-5232.

Interview preparation handouts are available at the Career Center, as are appoints for interview prep.

Students who would like to schedule a mock interview can email their resume, cover letter and the job description of the position to [email protected] and request an interview appointment.

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