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Engage in the Architectural Discourse of the City

Woodbury School of Architecture offers a one-year post-professional Master of Science in Architecture (MSArch) for those students with a professional degree in architecture. The MSArch degree serves as an armature for independent research within the context of academic infrastructure.


Engage in the Architectural Discourse of the City

Woodbury School of Architecture offers a 1-year post-professional Master of Science in Architecture (MSArch) for those students with a professional degree in architecture. The MSArch degree serves as an armature for independent research within the context of academic infrastructure. This degree is offered at both our Los Angeles and San Diego locations, with different featured topics available at each. Students may work within faculty-led initiatives and choose classes from areas of interest that include civic engagement, landscape + urbanism, and material research.

Within an intimate and immersive program, our innovative coursework trains students to engage in the architectural discourse of the city, making connections between their work, new technologies in both representation and realization, and built and natural environments. Under faculty-guided independent research, students are encouraged to take advantage of the courses and expertise offered by the other schools of Woodbury University, including: Business, Media Culture & Design, and Liberal Arts.

MSArch applicants should demonstrate a possible specific architectural research interest as well as submit a portfolio.


Career Services

Woodbury School of Architecture supports our students in building a strong foundation for professional practice while investigating the nature of practice itself.  Throughout our architectural degree programs, students gain knowledge and skills that they will use in their professional lives.  Graduate students have the opportunity to participate in fieldwork, research projects or teaching assistantships that give them firsthand experience of practice.  These experiences prepare students to make informed choices regarding their diverse career options.  Visit our School of Architecture Career Services page for more information about the services offered by our Career and Outreach staff.

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The Burbank/Los Angeles facility takes full advantage of the university’s academic offerings, student support services, comprehensive library, and residential campus life. At the same time, it offers specialized facilities, including a wood/metal shop, a materials resource library, a digital fabrication lab, computing facilities, a render farm, and 24-hour access to studios, including a 15,000-square foot architecture building.

Making Complex


Over three semesters, students can craft expertise in various disciplinary realms, including building technology, design for arid lands, film and media, landscape and urbanism, and real estate and development by accumulating coursework from Woodbury University’s multiple campuses and schools. Students and faculty come together to discuss new models of architectural practice, to expand the role of the architect in society, and to question disciplinary boundaries.

Students engage in critical design inquiry through the lens of the specific focus. Research and design projects articulate the focus and use it to test design responses to contemporary issues in architecture and urbanism. Critical Thinking, Design, Building, Representation and Professionalism are practiced and developed at a high level.

Theory and techniques for analyzing and integrating design methodologies, client or user needs, and site conditions into criteria for preparing a design thesis. The theoretical and practical context for the thesis project is researched and developed. Along with the completion of a substantiated written position of intent, a project site is selected, program written and design methodology articulated. The thesis proposal demonstrates mastery in School of Architecture tracks in Critical Thinking, Design, Building, Representation and Professionalism through multiple media, including but not limited to writing, oral presentation, and graphic presentation.

The student demonstrates the application of theoretical research and critical positioning, plus the ability to integrate site, program and other design issues of architecture including space, time, aesthetics, context, inhabitation, and systems in a self-initiated design project.





In the culmination of the post-professional graduate Master of Science in Architecture program, students develop their focused and self-directed thesis from the preceding term in to a public product (exhibition, event, installation, publication, etc.) in collaboration with a primary faculty advisor and a committee of secondary advisors.


Faculty & Staff

Our faculty are architects, academics and policy makers practicing in Los Angeles, San Diego and Tijuana. This internationally recognized and award-winning group works closely with students, teaching the skills required to push the limits of practice and explore disciplinary possibilities in both theoretical and professional arenas.

Dedicated staff members bring their professional expertise to students throughout the student experience.  Through individual attention, we foster close mentoring relationships between faculty, staff and students.