Spotlight on Management Student, Bradley Davolio

Bradley Davolio will earn his BBA in Management this Spring. While at Woodbury, Bradley, who transferred from community college, has served as a School of Business Ambassador and Tour Guide. Upon graduation, he will begin a position as a business development representative with ORACLE NetSuite. As he prepares to embark on his career, Bradley shares with us his journey to Woodbury and his experience as a part of the School of Business.


How did you get to Woodbury and what made you want to be a part of the School of Business?

My journey of higher education started in Mission Viejo, California, the town where I grew up. I enrolled in multiple community colleges prior to transferring to Woodbury University. During my time at community college, I learned some basic skills and concepts that helped me prepare for the rest of my education. I worked with my mom and dad to decide which college to attend upon community college completion. To start my college hunt, I chose which geographic area I wanted to live in, which was Los Angeles. I found several schools in the area that had strong business programs, and Woodbury was my final pick. When evaluating each of the schools, I pictured my life for the next few years. Woodbury made me feel at home and excited to begin the next chapter of my life. I came to Woodbury’s School of Business with an interest in management and their program looked great. The learning environment was intimate, allowing me to make meaningful connections with not only my peers but the faculty as well. The management program offered a variety of courses ranging from accounting to leadership, giving me a well-rounded business education that would ultimately set me up for success in whatever job I chose to pursue.


What has your experience with the School of Business and your major been like? How has the School of Business influenced your professional goals and your career?

During my first week studying at the School of Business, my class was given a presentation by a student organization on campus that consisted of other business-minded students. This presentation captured the type of college experience that I wanted. From that moment on, my experience in the School of Business took off. I was learning so much in all my courses and participating as the event coordinator for CEO in my free time. In doing so, I was able to build strong relationships with business professors and other faculty members. These individuals were there to give me career advice by sharing their own life experiences. This helped me immensely because I was given insight into a variety of industries, helping me choose which area of business I wanted to pursue. Come my third year it was time to start hunting for an internship. Through the courses that I had taken along with my own research, I decided that I wanted to enter the construction management industry where I could utilize my interpersonal skills and leadership. Woodbury’s School of Business was there to help me prepare by perfecting my resume, building a professional portfolio, hosting networking events, and sharing the mutual goal of student success. Upon completion of my third year and internship, I then chose to pivot into another industry that Woodbury has been supportive of, and I plan to work with my professors for guidance in the future.


What student organizations affiliated with the School of Business are you a part of, and how have those organizations benefited you?

CEO, or Collegiate Entrepreneurship Organization was the student organization I was a part of for just about two years. In that time, I have grown so much, and I am happy that the members of CEO were there to watch me succeed and show support in any way they could. As I shared earlier, I joined CEO during my first week at Woodbury and that was the best decision I made. CEO hosted several events, competitions, and charities that I was so grateful to be a part of. To make those events possible, the team had to collaborate to make them engaging and memorable. There were times when that was easy and there were times when it was hard, but learning professional teamwork is a skill that I can now take with me everywhere. A few examples include delegating responsibilities to others in the group when planning for an event and resolving team conflict in a respectful manner. Experiences like these have come in handy during multiple jobs interviews. I encourage all students to participate in students organizations to maximize your college experience!


What School of Business events you have attended during your time here? What has the impact of those events had on your education and career planning?

The School of Business puts on many events for all their students whether that be in collaboration with a student organization or solo hosted event. The Creative Minds conference is an event that I have attended three years in a row! During this event, business students are given a space to network with working professionals in a variety of different industries and disciplines. This is an awesome way to gain guidance and support when it comes to career and job hunting. At this event, I was able to meet many different business students that I had not previously known, so it was a great social event as well! A segment of the Creative Minds conference is the So You Think You Can Sell competition, a sales pitch contest proving that you can sell an item in less than a minute. I came in first place in 2020 and second place in 2021, which has assisted in determining the career path that I will be pursuing, which is sales! College has been a time to explore many career paths and I am happy that this competition helped me decide on mine.


What plans do you have after graduation, both for your career and potential future education?

I will be graduating in May of 2022, and I am so excited to begin my journey in business. Upon graduation, I will be working as a BDR or business development representative for ORACLE NetSuite, which essentially is the first position or first level in the sales industry. NetSuite is a software company that offers an all-in-one business management technology, including ERP, CRM, and other functions that make managing a business easier and more intuitive. The journey to achieving this role had its bumps in the road but with persistence, I was able to secure the role following graduation! I believe that this will be a great career path for me, and I am so excited to begin the process.

On the topic of further education, I do plan to pursue my MBA in organizational behavior. I have always had a strong interest in the way humans interact with one another and organizational behavior is the perfect hybrid of management and psychology. This type of program piques my interest greatly and I will learn many new skills that I could take with me to higher employment positions, helping to improve company culture in any way I can. During my time at Woodbury, I have taken a class on organizational behavior and leadership, further elevating my interest in the discipline. I will be utilizing my network of Woodbury faculty members to help guide me on this process when the time comes.


Last Updated on April 26, 2022. 

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