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The unique, faculty-designed building provides space for studio culture and hands-on, craft-based design. The families, artists and activists in Barrio Logan create an engaging neighborhood to share and to investigate. The active border region provides many unique study opportunities.

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The Bachelor of Architecture program offers a five-year course of study leading to a NAAB-accredited professional architecture degree. Our program provides students with the knowledge and skills required for a career as a professional architect, as well as a more general understanding of the profound social and cultural agency of design at local and global scales. The rigorous grounding provides our graduates with a framework of professional knowledge applicable to a range of fields including architectural practice in a large or small firm; advanced studies in graduate school; policy or government; and software or game design.


Our Master of Architecture program embodies a fresh approach to architecture, Southern California, and global urban conditions. Within an intimate and immersive program, our innovative coursework encourages students to engage in the architectural discourse of the city, making connections between their work, new technologies in both representation and realization, and built and natural environments. Our MArch students consistently win design awards from public agencies and private groups, including American Institute of Architects (AIA) Pasadena/Foothills, Los Angeles Business Council (LABC), Association for Women in Architecture + Design (AWA+D), and many others.


Our Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA) program in San Diego trains students to design for climate change and a transforming urban landscape. The curriculum is aimed at providing students with the intellectual and professional tools necessary to negotiate the contemporary cultural and ecological landscape, rapidly changing technology and emerging issues arising at the intersection of society and nature.  Students with no prior degree in the design professions can enter the 3-year first professional track, while students with an undergraduate degree in landscape architecture or another relevant professional or pre-professional design degree are eligible to enter the MLA two-year track.


The Master of Science in Architecture in Real Estate Development (MSArch RED) program seeks to build upon the unique perspective and ethos of the architect. While architects design the way a building looks and works, they are seldom involved in the decision of exactly what to build. In most developments, the architect is considered only one of numerous players and is often left to carry out a pre-established vision for the development.


Our Master of Interior Architecture program offers an education in critical spatial inquiry that elevates and reinvents the discipline of interior architecture by mining and imagining human conditions in our built environment. In doing so, the program adds criticality to the profession, cultivating scholars, academics and critics, while generating emerging and alternative professions. Students who possess baccalaureate degrees in any discipline can enter the MIA three-year track, while students who possess baccalaureate degrees in interior architecture, interior design, environmental arts or architecture are eligible to enter the MIA two-year track.


Faculty & Staff

Our faculty are architects, designers, academics and policy makers practicing in Los Angeles, San Diego and Tijuana. This internationally recognized and award-winning group works closely with students, teaching the skills required to push the limits of practice and explore disciplinary possibilities in both theoretical and professional arenas.

Dedicated staff members bring their professional expertise to students throughout the student experience.  Through individual attention, we foster close mentoring relationships between faculty, staff and students.

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Voices From Our San Diego Campus

The San Diego campus recently launched a Master of Landscape Architecture and a Master of Interior Architecture program. Find out why students, faculty and alumni recommend Woodbury School of Architecture San Diego as an institution to receive your master’s degree.


Fieldwork & Study Away

Fieldwork is a philosophy and a curriculum that sends students out into the world as design anthropologists, to do research both within the complex and fertile regions right outside our doors and at diverse locations around the world, anywhere from Tokyo to Istanbul to Buenos Aires. Out in the field, students apply knowledge from the studio, and return to the classroom informed by experience gained in the field. Fieldwork readies students for the cultural, economic and physical challenges of contemporary practice in the global economy. It is a way to explore the world, to engage design and to make an impact.

SofA Journal

The name of our journal, sofA, is an extension of the acronym for Woodbury School of Architecture. The work that is presented is not intended to convey all that is happening in our school, but may bear witness to a few conversations that are ongoing. The name, of course, is also the name of a piece of furniture and one that is ubiquitous in architecture studios. It’s a casual place for a late night conversation to begin and lead to new ways of thinking. It’s a place to lie down for a bit; to sleep (and to dream). It’s communal. Anyone can sit on it. There is room for everyone at some point or another. And, if you care to look, you might find a treasure hidden in the cushions.

Julius Shulman Institute

The Julius Shulman Institute (JSI) celebrates groundbreaking photography of the built environment. Our annual Excellence in Photography Award is given to a photographer who honors Shulman’s legacy by challenging the way we look at physical space. Awardees include Iwan Baan (2010), Catherine Opie (2013), and James Welling (2016). Julius Shulman’s groundbreaking skill as an architectural photographer helped create an audience for California modernism around the world. The Institute hosts and curates critically acclaimed design and architecture exhibitions as well as the annual award exhibit at WUHO.

Julius Shulman Institute

Resources & Student Groups


The Showroom is the heart of the San Diego campus. The space has the capacity to hold about 100 people and is used in various ways. For the curriculum, the showroom is used as pinup space for design reviews of student’s work with faculty and other design professionals. At the end of every school year, it becomes the center for most of the degree and thesis projects. The local design community contributes to the critique of the student’s work and the event is open to the general public.

San Diego Showroom

Making Complex

At Woodbury University we believe that making is a critical part of the study of architecture and interior architecture. Analog and digital fabrication are fully integrated into our curricula and facilities. The great flexibility of these tools allows them to serve both intellectual exploration and real-world problem solving. Our goal is to help students learn to experiment and to produce. The students take control of these tools so that their outputs exceed the limitations of the methods and materials involved and realize results that are genuinely new and truly revolutionary.

Making Complex


AIAS Woodbury is a branch of the national group of the American Institute of Architecture Students serving both as a professional organization and as the official voice of architecture students within the school. AIAS Woodbury promotes excellence in architecture education, facilitates training and practice, fosters an appreciation of architecture and related disciplines, enriches communities through a spirit of collaboration, and organizes students and their efforts towards the advancement of the art and science of architecture. At Woodbury, AIAS is dedicated to maintain collaboration between students, community, and professionals in order to give members limitless opportunities by promoting Woodbury University as a vital contributor to the greater Los Angeles and San Diego area.

AIAS Facebook

San Diego Library

The San Diego Library at Woodbury University is an exclusive library focused on architecture, landscape architecture, and real estate development. The 1,300 square foot space houses a growing collection of 6,500 books and 35 magazine and journal subscriptions.

In 2013 the library launched the Library South Series, an offshoot of the San Diego lecture series. The event series has included discussion panels, workshops, and exhibits that inform the community and serve as an interdisciplinary, collaborative ecosystem for the School of Architecture in San Diego. The San Diego Library is located at the north end of the School of Architecture adjacent to the Digital Fabrication Lab.

San Diego Library

Career Services

We Help You Transition Into The Profession

We provide architecture career advising within the School of Architecture. A dedicated staff member with knowledge of architectural practice and scholarship provides both workshops and individual assistance, including help with creating a professional resume, letter writing and interviewing skills, as well as portfolio development or work samples to include with job applications. Other services include an on-campus job fair, a job board, and consulting on the path of obtaining architectural licensure.  Visit our Career Advising page.

School of Architecture Careers




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A campus visit is really the only way to picture yourself working in a studio at Woodbury San Diego. As a visitor you will have the opportunity to converse with our knowledgeable student guides and get an insider perspective on life at our intimate San Diego campus.

The tour takes visitors into our classrooms, architecture studios, digital fabrication lab, metal and wood shop, library, and all of the facilities available to our students. Get general questions answered about classes, campus life, and resources available to students at Woodbury. To book a personal campus tour, use the button below to email our San Diego admissions counselor Janet Asuncion.

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