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More than 85% of Woodbury University students receive some form of financial aid, with the average student financial aid package during the 2017-2018 academic year totaling $28,757. For undergraduate students, Woodbury University coordinates a comprehensive financial-aid program consisting of scholarships, grants, loans and part-time employment through funding from state and federal programs, its own resources, and outside/private donors.

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Woodbury School of Architecture

The School of Architecture has undergraduate and graduate programs that prepare students to effect positive change in the built environment, to tackle theoretical debates, and to take on architecture, interior architecture and landscape architecture as critical practices. We educate our students as entrepreneurs, citizen architects, and cultural builders equally committed to professional practice, theoretical discourse, social equity and to formal and technological inquiry. Our faculty is comprised of active and prolific architects, designers, and academics building and writing across Los Angeles and San Diego.

AIA San Fernando Valley Scholarships

The San Fernando Valley chapter of AIA (AIA|SFV) has gifted an endowment to Woodbury University’s School of Architecture.  Proceeds from the endowment will go toward funding scholarships to architecture and interior architecture students at the Burbank campus. Support for this endowment will directly benefit our students.

Interior Architecture Scholarships

The Interior Architecture Fund provides a unique opportunity to help shape the future of education by helping students to realize their unique, personal design vision, while developing technical, theoretical and communicative skills. The Interior Architecture Fund provides flexible funding to meet high priority needs and respond quickly to emerging opportunities and innovative learning.

Ignacio Rodriguez Scholarship

The purpose of the Ignacio Rodriguez scholarship fund, which was initiated by Woodbury School of Architecture alumnus Ignacio Rodriguez, is to contribute to the educational enhancement of future members of the architectural community. Ignacio Rodriguez, AIA, principal and CEO at IR Architects, graduated from Woodbury University’s Bachelor of Architecture program in 2007.  Three scholarships are provided each year to East LA College and Woodbury University.

Nick Roberts Scholarship

As a professor, Nick Roberts understood the value of student experiential learning. Nick’s legacy lives on with the Nick Roberts Endowed Scholarship Fund which is designed to support Woodbury School of Architecture students in their study away experiences throughout the world.

Norman R. Millar Scholarship

The Norman R. Millar Scholarship Endowment was established to honor Dean Millar’s sixteen year legacy of educating architects and designers. Annual income from this endowment will support Woodbury School of Architecture student scholarships.

San Diego Scholarships

The San Diego campus community centers around a faculty-designed building provides space for studio culture and hands-on, craft-based design. The families, artists and activists in Barrio Logan create an engaging neighborhood to share and to investigate. The active border region provides many unique study opportunities. The scholarship fund provides a unique opportunity to help shape the future of education by helping students in San Diego.

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Scholarships at Woodbury

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the Woodbury University Application for Financial Aid must be completed by all entering and returning students in order to apply for financial aid. Graduate-student aid packages consist primarily of loans.

A valid FAFSA is required to determine eligibility for the Federal Direct Education Loan Programs. Alternative loan funding may also be an option, however, this type of funding is based on the applicant’s credit history and ratings.

Financial-aid awards will be applied toward direct costs (tuition, fees, materials or lab fees, parking, and any contracted housing and meal plan charges) first. Institutional grants and, typically, most named scholarship awards can only be used to pay tuition.

Woodbury’s Business Office will notify students of any credit balance available on your their accounts after these direct costs have been paid. A credit balances will be refunded to students and may be used to cover indirect costs such as books, supplies, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Graduate students that demonstrate merit based on admit scores and grade point averages may qualify for scholarships and/or teaching assistantships in their program of study. Consult your admissions counselor for more information about these options.

Learn how affordable a Woodbury education can be. Click on the buttons below to view sample financial summaries for students entering during the 2019-2020 school year who are approved for a Cal Grant and have an expected family contribution of zero.

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You can view sample financial summaries for students who enter Woodbury during the 2018-2019 school year below:

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