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Woodbury University’s Study Away Program provides students and faculty with transformative global learning experiences that are academically rigorous, professionally expansive, and personally engaging. Programs are designed to enhance multicultural competencies, socio-political exchanges, and planetary consciousness in an increasingly interconnected world.

Our Study Away Program is committed to inspiring a transformative experience for students and faculty, equipping them with the confidence and intelligence to navigate an ever-changing global landscape. We envision establishing a long-term institutional relationships and short-term expeditions in order to provide students with profound international learning experiences that are affordable, safe, and accessible.

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Over the past ten years, the Woodbury University students have traveled to Albuquerque, Amsterdam, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Chicago, Guadalajara, Kyoto, Mexico City, New York, Paris, Portland, Rome, San Francisco, Seattle, Tahiti, Tokyo, and Venice. There are many more destinations on the horizon.


2023/ 2024 Winter in Rome

Our Winter in Rome Study Abroad program was in full swing this winter break with our Woodbury students and faculty fully immersed in Italian architecture and culture. Led by Professors Cody Miner, Paulette Singley, and Parsa Rezaee from the School of Architecture, along with Wayne Kastning from the Media, Culture, and Design program, students walk, analyze, and sketch the city firsthand as they visit ruins, monuments, and exhibitions. Through a four-week-long course, students uncover architecture from ancient, imperial, baroque, and renaissance periods, experiencing a historical crash course of canonical spaces.

Students on top of a bridge with green shining water below.

2023 Summer in Venice

This Summer Studio, led by Scrap Marshall, Eric Olsen, and Carlo Sturken, traveled this summer to Venice, Italy, exploring existing buildings and sites. The study of “new” and “old” is examined tectonically through program, structure, materials, and details. They visited Venice, Torcello, Burano, Murano, Vicenza, the Lido, and Verona. Our Study Away Program offers students and faculty transformative global learning experiences.

2022/ 2023 Winter in Rome

Woodbury students and faculty spent the holidays in Rome studying World Architecture and Contemporary Issues. The program was led by professors, Dr. Paulette Singley and Cody Miner. Woodbury students from the School of Architecture and the School of Media, Culture, and Design standing on ancient statue pedestals bordering the Canopus at Hadrian’s Villa in Tivoli that they visited as part of their four-week long trip to Rome, Italy during winter break.

“This Winter in Rome has been an absolutely eye-opening experience. Disconnecting from the computer to just observe and process my surroundings has helped me get back in touch with the immersive experience architecture, art, and nature can have with its occupants. Having my sketchbook by my side, I caught some of these moments as we wandered through the cobblestone streets, bridges, churches, monuments, parks, and more. Thanks #WoodburyUniversity for this fantastic opportunity.” – Student, Ruben Manopla

2022 Summer in Venice

The Venice Summer 22 study abroad studio was led by professors, Paulette Singley, Eric Olsen, and Gerard Smulevich. Woodbury students from the School of Architecture posing in the staircase of the hostel where they lived, the former convent of the Crociferi, during their four-week long summer studio in Venice, Italy.

“This may have been the most significant studio I’ve taken at Woodbury, and it is certainly one that would be impossible to replicate in another form. Direct exposure to “great” architecture by Palladio, Byzantine Medieval and Renaissance buildings and urban spaces, and more recent works by Carlo Scarpa and other Italian modernists, simultaneously humanizes, elevates, and clarifies the work for students.” – Student, Andrew Davies

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