School of Media : Culture : Design Portfolio Requirements

All incoming freshmen and transfers applying for Spring 2024 semester or the Fall 2024-2025 academic year are asked to submit a portfolio and written statement if applying for any of the following programs: Animation + VFX, Filmmaking, Game Art + Design, Graphic Design, and Fashion Design. 

Animation + VFX has additional requirements outlined below.

The portfolio should demonstrate your artistic perspective, skills, and interests to help us better understand how to assist you in reaching your academic and professional goals. We recognize that students enter Woodbury with diverse backgrounds, so each portfolio is thoughtfully evaluated on an individual basis, and we will weigh your written statement into our review process.

Portfolio Requirement Details


The portfolio should include eight (8) examples of what you consider to be your best work including any combination of the following: drawings or sketches, paintings, photographs, collages, color studies, design layouts, sculpted or 3D printed work, computer-coded work, short videos (not to exceed 3 minutes), script or screenplay, story synopsis or treatment, or high game concept.

Applicants should include a short description of the work, along with any project specifications or requirements if applicable (i.e. if it is an assigned project from a class).


Applicants are required to submit a written statement of a minimum of 250 words but no more than 500 words. This statement should describe a work of art, building, film or TV series (animated or live action), product, or clothing line that has affected you in some extraordinary way.

What about it is affecting you? Describe it and write about why you believe it is important that it exists, and how it is influencing you to major in media and design.

For more information, please visit our How to Apply page.


ANIMATION + VFX supplemental portfolio

In addition to the portfolio and written statement required of all applicants, incoming freshman and transfers applying to the Animation + VFX program are required to submit an additional portfolio of at least 4 examples of art showing 1) observational artwork and 2) life drawing.

Observational artwork includes the plant world, drawings of objects, and drawings of indoor and outdoor spaces. Life drawing includes drawings of humans and/or animals. Rough sketches with visible construction lines, and sketchbook work may be included if it demonstrates how you’re thinking and approaching image making.

Please consider the following when creating your Animation + VFX supplemental portfolio:

  • Is this my best work?
  • What’s my passion within animation—is it creating extraordinary characters or environments, telling a joke visually, or telling a story?
  • Is my work original?
  • Please avoid including “fan art”—we want to see your individual style & creativity.

For more information, please visit our How to Apply page.


Portfolio Mentorship Program

School of Media Culture & Design Portfolio Mentor Initiative

Are you looking to develop your design and drawing skills and create work for your college entrance portfolio? Get friendly advice on improving your portfolio from an art professional at Woodbury University. Take a look at our portfolio requirements, review our mentor bios, and sign up to be connected with one of our mentors.

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