SOA July Newsletter

A Statement from WSoA Students and Woodbury’s Black Student Association on Racial Injustice
“We write to you as the coordinators of student-led organizations, in the wake of the largest collective of demonstrations regarding civil unrest around state-sanctioned violence against our Black communities. We appreciate the open dialogues and intentions for change, but fear the loss of momentum in this movement. Under the nimble leadership of Dean Wahlroos-Ritter, the WSoA administration has initiated the hard work of redefining what a diverse, inclusive architectural education should uphold. We now ask that you include our concerns in your decision making, communicate your plans with greater transparency, and provide tangible support. We ask you to extend the same great patience, dedication, and attention given to crafting a COVID-impact for the Fall semester, as you will to addressing the racial pandemic that has been plaguing us and the world of architecture for too long.”
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Woodbury School of Architecture Announces Year of Climate Justice
Our challenge is to design environments, spaces, buildings and cities that prioritize the long-term health of all our communities and combat the systemic racism embodied in our built environments. Our call this year is for the School of Architecture to address Climate Justice. The year-long program will bring together students, faculty, administrators and community partners to address systemic inequality throughout the 2020-21 academic year. The program will incorporate and support BIPOC perspectives as they relate to Climate Justice.

Demar Matthews Featured in Archinect’s 2020 Thesis Spotlight
MArch graduate Demar Matthews was recently featured as part of Archinect’s 2020 Thesis Spotlight Series. His thesis work is grounded in ideas to develop and identify a Black aesthetic in architecture. Demar decided to curate all of his research on, and is launching a new project to build a home in Watts. In his previous article on Archinect, A Black Architecture Education Experience, he notes how his experiences studying architecture were a driving force as he developed his thesis.

WSoA Leads Social Impact at ACSA Workshop on US-Mexico Border
Faculty and admins from Woodbury School of Architecture presented pedagogies and projects for social impact at the 2020 ACSA Border Consortium Workshop. The virtual event was jointly hosted by the Asociación de Instituciones de Enseñanza de la Arquitectura (ASINEA) & the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA). Professor Marcel Sanchez-Prieto, Chair Jose Parral, and Dean Ingalill Wahlroos-Ritter presented how Woodbury has continuously brought social impact projects to life.

SoCal NOMA Summer Camp Goes Virtual
The Southern California Chapter of the National Organization of Minority Architects (SoCal NOMA) is hosting the 11th annual SoCal NOMA Architecture Summer Camp. In consideration of the health and safety of members, students, and communities during the international pandemic, the team developed this year’s program as a virtual interactive experience. Woodbury School of Architecture is proud to sponsor this year’s summer camp. For more than a decade, Socal NOMA has introduced hundreds of young minds to architecture and engineering, influencing several students to pursue a career in design. Find out more.

Woodbury SoA Launches Free Summer Architecture Lab Online
Woodbury School of Architecture has launched its 8th annual summer Architecture Lab. High school students can take part in a five-week program that introduces attendees to the world of architecture and interior design, and students can develop their portfolio for college credit. Architecture Lab is taught online by university faculty and introduces high school students to principles of design. The lab is offered to high school students entering 11th or 12th grades for 2 units of college credit.

Marcel Sanchez-Prieto and Joshua Stein Recognized with 2020 ACSA Project Awards
Professors Marcel Sanchez-Prieto and Joshua Stein have been recognized by the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture with a Best Project Award and Best Project Honorable Mention. Each year, ACSA honors architectural educators across community collaborations, scholarship, and service. Award winners and honorable mentions inspire and challenge students while contributing to practice and the public sector. Discover their projects online.

Alumnus Storm Campo Named a 2020 NOMA Foundation Fellow
To help increase the number of minority architects throughout the U.S., NOMA created a program to assist minority students with licensure. The NOMA Foundation Fellowship (NFF) aims to place NOMAS member students enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate architecture program in a 12-week paid architectural summer internship. BArch alumnus Storm Campo will join the fellowship program as it launches in five cities across the United States: Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, and Pittsburgh. Find out more.

Faculty Spotlight: Héctor M. Pérez on How Global Experiences Shape Our Local Impact
Associate Professor Héctor M. Pérez has long been an active voice in shaping architecture and development in San Diego and across Southern California. Principal at De-Arc – an unorthodox design studio in La Jolla, CA, he has created projects that push the boundaries of art, architecture and academia. With a diverse background, Héctor has a global lens through which he designs. We recently caught up with him to discuss his background and how his experiences have shaped who he is today.

Giving Back: Woodbury Launches Social Justice Scholarship Fund
Please consider giving to our Woodbury University Social Justice Scholarship Fund. This scholarship and the Woodbury CARES Act Award are for undergraduate students from underrepresented groups, as well as those who are facing financial barriers to re-enrolling. Employers, please consider hiring a Woodbury student to help them fulfill their internship requirement. These can take the form of micro-internships as short as a few weeks. Contact our Outreach Director Catherine Roussel for more information, and Dean Ingalill Wahlroos-Ritter about how you can support students through scholarships.
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