Social Justice

Our Commitment

Woodbury University is committed to building a culture that values diversity, open communication, collaboration and engagement. As part of our responsibility to increase awareness of racism and inequality to the highest degree possible, we have created this page to facilitate the ongoing dialogue that needs to exist to eradicate social injustice and promote a kinder, more peaceful and compassionate world.

Our administrators and academic teams are working on action plans toward this goal, and we will continue to update this space with resources and new initiatives that Woodbury is taking to ensure equity and inclusion.

We welcome and encourage feedback as we work together toward a campus culture that truly values diversity and inclusiveness for all.

We’ve created a dedicated space where we can highlight the achievements and contributions of each community or cause being recognized that month. Check out our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion page by clicking the button below.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Our Action

School of Business

  • Integrate the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) into the curriculum, including course materials.
  • Create scholarship opportunities for incoming students of color and under-represented populations.
  • Add a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion on programming and events, such as the School of Business Summer Conference.
  • Encourage and develop entrepreneurs from under-represented population to share their insights.
  • Develop DEI-focused projects for faculty and staff.
  • Cultivate, educate and enrich knowledge surrounding the principles of DEI to leadership, faculty, staff and the advisory board.

College of Liberal Arts

  • The online CoLAVerse  Discussion Series has been oriented toward racial and social justice topics
  • Invite visiting faculty and guest speakers for a DEI-focused conversation in the Public Safety Administration program
  • Expand Senior Fellows Program to focus on DEI
  • Launch the Center for Leadership and Diversity
  • Expand content for the MORIA Literary Magazine highlighting writers of color
  • Evaluate and develop DEI-focused community partnerships with Student Affairs
  • Integrate DEI into course development
  • Promote a Teatro Campesino-inspired DEI theater

School of Architecture

  • Develop scholarship programs for students involved in organization such as NOMAS and CLEA.
  • Increase support for the Woodbury School of Architecture student organizations.
  • Develop academic programming on climate justice – faculty grants and student awards.
  • Develop infographics to communicate the school’s diversity metrics.
  • Launch a student mentorship program using DEI principles.
  • Encourage new membership to the Woodbury School of Architecture Advisory Board.
  • Develop faculty grants focused on diversity, equity and inclusion.


School of Media, Culture and Design

  • Create Change Initiative: Developed to increase awareness and design solutions to eliminate racism and injustice, this initiative will integrate curricular, co-curricular, and service-learning experiences for the campus community
  • Develop faculty grants focused on diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Launch speaker series highlighting solutions to racism and inequity
  • Launch screening series addressing issues of racial justice
  • Commission written social commentaries on racial justice
  • Produce gallery exhibitions showcasing artists whose work responds to this zeitgeist


  • “Diversity collection” streaming video.
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion collections review and update.
  • Social justice research / resources guide.
  • Social justice resources displays.

Social Justice Scholarship Fund

As part of our responsibility to increase awareness of racism and inequality to the highest degree possible, we are launching a new Social Justice Scholarship Fund that will provide scholarships to underrepresented students in the future.

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