Menna Elkarim (BArch ’23) Alumni Announcement

We are thrilled to share the remarkable achievement of Menna Elkarim, a distinguished alumni of Woodbury School of Architecture (WSOA) 2023! Menna’s career journey exemplifies her passion for creating immersive experiences through technology and interactive design. With a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture (BArch) from Woodbury University, Menna honed her design abilities and explored the innovative potential of computational tools in architecture.

During her time at Woodbury, Menna ventured into the professional realm, gaining valuable experience with esteemed architecture and showset design firms. Her contributions to projects for Universal Studios, Netflix, and Disney showcased her talent for experience design and her commitment to crafting captivating narratives. Inspired by her experiences, Menna pursued her dream career in experience design and theme park architecture. We are delighted to announce that Menna has landed a prestigious role at Walt Disney Imagineers, where she brings her expertise to the forefront of immersive design.

As part of the dynamic architecture team at Walt Disney Imagineers, Menna collaborates with talented professionals to create enchanting experiences that transport visitors to magical realms. Her dedication to merging architectural expertise with cutting-edge technology ensures that every project she touches brings joy and wonder to guests around the world. Congratulations, Menna, on this incredible accomplishment! Your achievements inspire us all.


Last Updated February 20, 2024

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