Woodbury’s Student Association Announces Incoming Executive Board

ASWU Executive Board
ASWU Executive Board Members (From left to right): Crystal Sims, Veronia Alkomos, Bennet Cariaga, William Garcia, Adam Ramirez and Destiny Garcia.

With its annual changing of the guard, the Associated Students of Woodbury University  (ASWU), has announced its 2018-2019 Executive Board, welcoming three newcomers who promise to boost fundraising efforts for member organizations, strengthen the bonds among them and increase participation within the student body at large. They join three returning members on the six-member student government panel, which serves as the collective voice of Woodbury’s students and a bridge linking them with the administration, the staff and the faculty.

Newly-elected members include:

  • First-year Architecture student Veronia Alkomos, Vice President of Finance: “I hope to make sure [ASWU] organizations are well funded, as well as help with Organizational Allocations Committee [OAC] events, and come up with fundraiser ideas for organizations that need more money.”
  • Third-year Architecture student Destiny Garcia, Vice President of Student Organizations: “I want to strengthen bonds between organizations and to improve their visibility on campus, while also providing them with the information/skills they need to run successfully.”
  • Third-year Psychology student Crystal Sims, Vice President of Student Life: “As VP of Student Life, my goal is to have the Campus Activities Board be an open platform for all organizations on campus to collaborate, to enhance their events and to get more participation from the whole campus.”

Among the returning board members:

  • Third-year Interior Architecture student Bennet Cariaga, Board President: “I hope to raise awareness of ASWU and encourage involvement in our student government. I am also committed in improving and expanding existing campus projects.”
  • Third-year Architecture student Will Garcia, Executive Vice President: “My goal for the 2018-2019 ASWU term is to have faculty and students know more about ASWU and what we do for the Woodbury community.”
  • Third-year Graphic Design student Adam Ramirez, Vice President of Marketing: “My goal is to visually represent ASWU in a professional and caring manner, and also to attract a wider range of students, staff, and faculty, in order to help lessen the gap between involvement in the Woodbury community and understanding of ASWU’s purpose. ‘’

The voice of Woodbury’s students, ASWU advocates for the needs of the university’s diverse student body. As a collaborative and responsive organization, ASWU offers programs, leadership opportunities, on- and off-campus events, and other initiatives aimed at enhancing student life.


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