Alumni Spotlight Seba Alabdullatif

My undergraduate studies in Architecture (BArch),  at Woodbury School of Architecture ignited a realization of the possibilities for interdisciplinary thinking. I developed an interest in blending different mediums and diverse modes of thought into my creative process. Pursuing a minor in Applied Computer ScienceMedia Arts (ACSMA) facilitated this transformation, enabling me to adapt my architectural mindset to the digital sphere. This not only refined my architectural perspective but also enriched my creative thinking.

The dynamic interplay between architecture and technology catalyzed the evolution of a distinct language in my work. I believe the ACSMA program not only equipped me with a wide range of tools, but also allowed me to think differently and provided a new lens in which I can see my work through.

Having graduated from Woodbury in 2023, I am currently pursuing my Master’s degree at NYU (New York University) in the Integrated Design and Media program, where I continue to explore the synergies between architecture, media, and technology.

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