Héctor M. Pérez on Innovative Urban Design and Alternative Housing

Woodbury Associate Professor Héctor M. Pérez, Principal at The RED Office in San Diego, will be a panelist at the City of West Hollywood Innovative Urban Design Solutions Symposium. Perez will be one of 4 panelist in the morning session that will focus on creative alternatives for housing development and design.

Innovative Urban Design Solutions Symposium
September 15, 2018, 10:00 AM – 11:45 AM
7377 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90046

Professor Perez will present the ongoing architecture-development projects by The RED Office and selected samples of MSArch RED Alumni to contrast their nimble and incremental form of development strategy from that of more traditional large-scale developers.

In the city of San Diego most large scale developers traditionally seek to consolidate small (single family) parcels to produce unimaginative whole-block housing projects that negatively impact the scale and character of a neighborhood and consequently displace longtime residents from their homes to make room for their oversized developments. Often the same developers benefit from federal, state and local subsides to finance and handsomely profit from their developments.

In contrast to those large scale developer practices, a small independent group of architect-developers spearheaded by professors and alumni from Woodbury School of Architecture’s Master of Science of Architecture in Real Estate Development (MSArch RED) program, have been making incremental and meaningful contributions to the housing stock by designing, developing and building small scale infill projects that provide unique mix-income housing. The projects include market rate, affordable subsidized and, more importantly, affordable unsubsidized housing throughout San Diego’s oldest neighborhoods.

Beyond the obvious benefits of adding much needed housing units within the urban core of San Diego, these architect-developer-builders reclaim the architects’ role as urban visionary while concurrently gaining a more meaningful and equitable financial benefit for their work by acting as both architect and developer.


Stefanos Polyzoides (Moule & Polyzoides) Anne Fougeron (Fougeron Architecture) Hector M Perez (the RED Office / Woodbury University School of Architecture, San Diego) Ric Abramson (The WORKPLAYS)

The Symposium

West Hollywood has a well-earned reputation for being a creative and progressive city. The Symposium will focus on innovation in urban infrastructure, infill architectural design, innovative housing types and creative public place-making in West Hollywood and beyond. The featured speakers are forward-thinking professionals in the fields of urban design, architecture, landscape urbanism, and sustainability.

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