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Master of Science in Architecture in Real Estate Development

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The nationally-ranked Master of Science in Architecture in Real Estate Development (MSArch RED) program seeks to build upon the unique perspective and ethos of the architect. Through small class sizes and individual attention, we foster close mentoring relationships between faculty, staff, and students. While architects design the way a building looks and works, they are seldom involved in the decision of exactly what to build.

Students who have earned a degree in architecture qualify to apply to our RED program. Students who have completed degrees in related fields will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Woodbury Alumni qualify for a 10 percent discount on tuition for the MSArch RED program. We are still accepting applications. Apply below!

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Real Estate Development as Civic Engagement

Over 60% of Woodbury MSArchRED graduates go on to build their thesis projects. This map shows a snapshot of built student and faculty work from our program.



Woodbury’s MSArchRED Ranked Top Real Estate Development Program in Nation

Woodbury’s Real Estate Development Program is ranked Best Studio-Based Program in the nation by Intelligent. The real estate industry requires skilled professionals to oversee new projects, manage relationships, and develop investment strategies. Woodbury RED students learn how to oversee the process of designing, developing, and managing property with a Masters Degree in Real Estate Development. We believe that real estate development should be an act of civic engagement, by working directly with communities to improve neighborhoods.

Studio-Based Hybrid Online Format


The MSArch RED program is unlike a traditional real estate development program where the curriculum is offered in a hybrid online setting. Instead, the entire curriculum of the 12-month, three-semester MS Real Estate Development program is delivered through a studio-based format. For the thesis, students develop presentations or real estate development projects including market analysis, partnership agreements, funding proposals, architectural designs, and sales and leasing strategies. Many students have gone on after graduation to successfully build their thesis projects.

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Hybrid Online Course Delivery

Woodbury School of Architecture supports our students in building a strong foundation for professional practice while investigating the nature of practice itself. Each semester begins and ends with an intensive 1 or 2-week in-person workshop at our San Diego campus. The majority of coursework is then delivered remotely as students can choose to remain in San Diego or return home. Delivery of studio content is through online synchronous video conferencing; asynchronous lectures and seminars taught by professionals and experts in the field; online workspace where students share their work with the instructor and learn from each other; and various online activities and workshops.

Course requirements


The San Diego facility houses a School of Architecture-only curriculum in a complex composed of design studios with 24-hour access, a library focused on architecture, urbanism and development, a lecture hall and gallery space, classrooms, a wood/metal shop, a digital fabrication lab, and computing facilities.

Making Complex

Spotlight: Artur Nesterenko

Woodbury University alumnus Artur Nesterenko graduated from the Master of Science in Architecture, Real Estate Development, program at the Woodbury San Diego campus. As the founder of Archillusion Design, he creates design-build projects throughout California and other regions.

“The MSArch RED program at Woodbury University is quite unique and differentiates itself from other real estate development programs in the US because it is structured specifically and exclusively for students with architectural backgrounds and degrees. If you want to be your own boss, design your own buildings and be your own client, this program should be your top priority.”

Spotlight: Ojay Pagano

Woodbury alumnus Ojay Pagano graduated from the Master of Science in Architecture, Real Estate Development, program at the Woodbury San Diego campus.

Alumnus Ojay Pagano (BArch ’04, MS Arch RED ’11) established an architecture and development practice to work on his own projects. After earning a bachelors at Woodbury, he came back to complete a MSArchRED degree and learn the ins and outs of building and bringing projects to life. As a licensed architect & general contractor, his architectural and real estate worlds crossed paths in 2006 when he was able to see his first small scale development come to life as an experimental co-housing addition “The Big White Box” in North Park. Read more about Ojay’s real estate development journey and what it means to build today.


Woodbury’s MSArchRED Officially Designated as STEM

All architecture and interior design programs at Woodbury have been designated as STEM degrees. The School of Architecture received approvals internally from the University Curriculum Committee and Office of Academic Affairs, and externally from WASC (WSCUC) and the Department of Homeland Security’s Student Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP). Starting in the fall of 2020, students enrolling in the following programs will graduate with STEM-designated degrees:

Master of Architecture
Master of Science in Architecture
Master of Science in Architecture in Real Estate Development
Master of Interior Design
Bachelor of Architecture
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design

All international students enrolled in these programs can now apply for a 24-month extension of their post-completion OPT (Optional Practice Training) for a total of 36 months.