Jose Parral Talks Landscape, Creativity and Leaving Your Mark on Shaping Logics

Chair Jose Parral was recently featured on the Shaping Logics Podcast. Jose discussed his early career and the decisions that led him to take architecture classes and eventually study landscape architecture. From an early exposure to gardens and landscape, to a love for music and compositions, Jose talks about his career, developing creativity, and what it means to leave your mark on the world.

Jose was recently named the Chair at Woodbury University in San Diego. Jose discussed his approach towards teaching studio classes, as well as his views on the future of the architecture profession. Jose holds an MA in Landscape Urbanism from the Architectural Association in London, was the recipient of the Kate L. Brewster Rome Prize in Landscape Architecture, American Academy in Rome, and was a visiting professor at Ohio State School University’s Knowlton School of Architecture.

Shaping Logics is a podcast produced in Barrio Logan, San Diego. The podcast will serve as a platform to discuss topics of interest in the fields of design and architecture. Shaping Logics is a collaborative effort between aux-lab (Abel Zatarain) and ohms architects (Miguel Reyes and Hector Aramburo).

Listen to the podcast here

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