A Salute to Woodbury Veterans

On November 11th, we celebrate Veteran’s Day and participate in our nation’s honoring of the people who risk their lives to protect our country. Woodbury University is proud to be a “yellow ribbon school,” enabling students who are veterans to receive their degrees through VA programs and benefits.

We recognize that our students, staff and faculty who are veterans contribute in valuable ways to our campus community, and we value their diverse backgrounds and distinctive life experiences. We also recognize that some of our nation’s veterans experience mental health challenges or life-long disabilities after serving for our country. As our veterans are a vital part of our diverse and inclusive community, we encourage students, faculty and staff to learn more about how to honor and support Veterans and about resources that are available both here on campus and beyond. We would like to take this opportunity to highlight two veterans in the Woodbury community, Colleen Barboza and Keith Gibbs.

Colleen Barboza, Junior, School of Business

Colleen Barboza, aka “Coco,” is a United States Navy Veteran. Coco is currently a Junior majoring in Business Management. Coco is an active part of the Woodbury community, and works
on campus as an Academic Peer Mentor.

Keith Gibbs, Campus Security Manager

Keith J. Gibbs, is a retired United States Marine Corps veteran of 22 years. Keith served as a Marine Corps Drill Instructor and became a Military Police Officer in San Diego, CA in 1987. Keith was also a former federal investigator for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, responsible for investigating computer crimes after obtaining an undergraduate degree in Computer Information Technology. Keith received his Master’s degree in Administration of Justice and Security with a concentration in Law Enforcement Organization. Keith is a certified CPR, First Aid, and AED instructor. While a member of the Mayor of Los Angeles Crisis Response Team and the California Highway Patrol Senior Volunteer Program, Keith maintains credentials as a certified Crisis Prevention and Intervention Instructor.

Keith has worked with the homeless population on a continuous basis. Now serving as the Director of Safety and Security for John Wesley Community Health, places him in the heart of skid row in downtown Los Angeles. Keith’s technique and style has gained him genuine respect and admiration in the community for his hard stance, but compassionate demeanor in nature. Currently in charge of several 24/7 recuperative care units, Keith has learned the ins and outs of de-escalation and has intimate knowledge of the homeless population JWCH serves. Finally, Keith has worked with the at-risk youth population for over 15 years making a difference in the lives of our future generation.

Resources for Woodbury’s Veterans

Information for Woodbury Students on financial aid for Veterans
Services for students with disabilities through ODAS
Woodbury University Health & Wellness Services and Counseling Services
Veteran’s Administration Yellow Ribbon Program Information
VA Disability Benefits Information
More Resources and Information

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