Ingalill Wahlroos-Ritter, AIA, Named Dean of the School of Architecture

Woodbury University has named Ingalill Wahlroos-Ritter, AIA, Dean of the School of Architecture. Her appointment is effective June 1st, 2017.

“As an inspiring leader dedicated to connecting the profession to the academy, Ingalill weaves a rich tapestry of interconnected ‘crafts’ with a specific but broad theoretical lens. I have witnessed her integrity and thoughtfulness first-hand as we have jointly worked together on multiple initiatives,” said Randy Stauffer, Senior VP, Academic Affairs. “Woodbury’s programs in Architecture and Interior Architecture at the undergraduate level are now nationally ranked 23rd and 13th, respectively.”

Wahlroos-Ritter has over twenty years of academic experience. She joined the Woodbury faculty in 2005 and has served in multiple administrative assignments as part of her full-time faculty position including Undergraduate and Graduate Architecture Chair, Associate Dean and, most recently, Interim Dean. During this time, Wahlroos-Ritter led many successful initiatives including the creation of the Woodbury University Hollywood (WUHO) gallery, the establishment of a digital fabrication lab, and the launch of graduate programs in architecture and landscape architecture. These achievements underscore her value in supporting a broad-scope of architectural inquiry. Prior to Woodbury, Wahlroos-Ritter taught at Yale University, Cornell University, UCL Bartlett School of Architecture, and SCI-Arc. Wahlroos-Ritter is also Director of WUHO, a venue for exhibitions, installations, and public dialogue. She recently served on the Los Angeles AIA Board of Directors and is now serving as Director on the Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design Advisory Board.

Her expertise as a façade consultant specializing in the experimental use of glass and working in multi-disciplinary teams, continues to impact her teaching, academic leadership and professional practice. An influential figure in the field, she contributed to the book Architecture: A Woman’s Profession, where she advocates for design innovation derived from non-biased collaborative practices. In her many capacities as practicing architect, educator, academic administrator, gallery director and head of multiple initiatives, including Woodbury’s Integrated Path to Architectural Licensure (IPAL) Program, a project launched by former Dean Norman Millar, Wahlroos-Ritter works with a wide range of constituencies to bridge the gap between practice and education.

“Our school is a role model for the direction in which the profession is heading – improving economic, gender, and ethnic diversity among its members, and reaffirming the importance of ethical conduct and social responsibility,” she said, “and I am inspired every day by our students, by my colleagues who are a splendid collection of critical thinkers and distinguished practitioners, by the optimism that infuses our School, and by our shared belief in the power of design to address urgent, contemporary issues. I look forward to working with faculty to cultivate and strengthen our student’s unique design voice that is equally committed to professional practice, theoretical discourse, social equity, and to formal and technological inquiry.”

As part of its 5th Annual AIACC Academy of Emerging Professionals Awards Program, the American Institute of Architects, California Council (AIACC), recently conferred its AIACC Educator Award on Wahlroos-Ritter. The jury lauded her for her commitment to shaping young architectural minds. The AIACC, the largest component of the national AIA organization, represents the interests of more than 11,000 architects and allied professionals in California.

Congratulations Ingalill!

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