Architectural Licensure Upon Graduation

IPAL Initiative at Woodbury

The School of Architecture at Woodbury University is among the first 18 accredited architectural programs to be accepted for participation in the National Council of Architectural Registration Board’s (NCARB) Integrated Path to Architectural Licensure (IPAL) initiative.

The IPAL initiative is offered for both our undergraduate (BArch) and graduate (MArch) programs and on both campuses. The program allows for the integration of the three components of licensure: Architectural Experience Program (AXP), professional education (BArch or MArch) and Architectural Registration Exams (ARE).

At Woodbury, students in each program intern in an office during the summer and then for a full year prior to their penultimate academic year. This effectively means that successful students will have the opportunity to have an architectural license upon graduation. We have established a consortium of firms in Los Angeles and San Diego who have agreed to hire qualified students.


How It Works

Download the IPAL diagram as a PDF here to understand how the integrated path to architectural licensure at Woodbury works.

The diagram shows both the path to licensure in the Bachelor of Architecture (BArch) program and the Master of Architecture (MArch) program. In case of the BArch program, the educational path is designed to take students 6 years to complete. In the MArch program, the path is set up to take students 4 years to complete.

“We see NCARB’s Integrated Path to Architectural Licensure initiative as an important stepping stone to improving the diversity — including gender diversity — of licensed architects. We embrace the opportunity to work closely with a consortium of architecture firms and our state board in the process.”

— Norman Millar, AIA, the late dean at Woodbury


Marc J Neveu is a professor of architecture and chair of the architecture department at Woodbury School of ArchitectureFor questions about the IPAL intiative at Woodbury School of Architecture, contact:

Marc J Neveu
Chair, School of Architecture, Los Angeles

Email Marc J Neveu

NCARB Explaining Licensure

To learn more about the importance of architectural licensure, watch the NCARB video that explains the path to licensure in general.