Housing Update: Retrieving Belongings

Dear Residents,

I hope you are all doing well and that your first week of online instruction went well. I wanted to take a few minutes and check in with all of you to see how things are going. While our campus may be socially distancing right now that doesn’t mean that we aren’t here to still support you. If you have questions or need support in some way please feel free to reach out and we will do our best to connect you with the appropriate personnel. This is the time as a community that we can come together and support everyone. So take a minute today to reach out to a friend or loved one and check in to see how they are doing.

For residents currently on campus:

In the next few days we will be transitioning into the next phase of our housing process to allow students to retrieve their belongings. We are limiting the number of people who can come to campus to 1 per day in order to mitigate risk to our remaining residents. Once we have enough spaces available and clean we will begin asking current residents to move to other spaces so that we can further encourage social distancing. You will be contacted when it’s your time to move so be on the lookout for an email from us.


  • Residents will be coming to move out
  • If you are required to move we will email you

For residents currently off campus:

In order to best support you housing has developed 3 different options for move out.

  1. Sign up for a day to check out (https://doodle.com/poll/rs2x5dv322g486yp)
  2. You will be allowed 1 day to return to housing and pick up your things. You may bring 1 person with you. If you need additional time on campus please email [email protected] so that we can assess your request.
  3. Sign up to have University staff pack and ship your belongings to you (https://forms.gle/RnDtS6rPhfQDM6Ys6)
  4. Sign up to have University staff pack and store your belongings until you return in the fall (https://forms.gle/RnDtS6rPhfQDM6Ys6)
  5. You DO NOT need to be a resident in the fall to select this option


  • Select an option above to move out

For residents who have already moved out:

If you would like to check if your key was received please email [email protected] with the Subject line: Returned keys.

We do not currently have any information on prorated refunds once that information is made available to us we will share that information with residents.


  • Email [email protected] subject line Returned keys to see if we received your key
  • We do not have any information on prorated refunds at this time

Download the Storage Shipping Agreement Word Document

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