Celebrating Context: Barrio Logan Featured in New York Times

Barrio Logan was recently featured in the New York Times as a neighborhood challenging perceptions of art, architecture and cuisine. The article was published as Barrio Logan was officially announced as one of 14 California Cultural Districts in a new statewide creative program.

Home to Woodbury’s San Diego Campus, Barrio Logan is one of San Diego’s oldest and most diverse neighborhoods. As the New York Times highlights, the neighborhood has “long been a center of Latino culture.” It goes on to state that, “today, a new crop of locally owned art galleries, breweries and restaurants, mostly along Logan Avenue, are popping up alongside the auto body shops and fruterías.”

The California Arts Council announced 14 districts that will serve as California’s inaugural state-designated Cultural Districts, highlighting thriving cultural diversity and unique artistic identities within local communities across the state. The Barrio Logan Cultural District celebrates a vibrant artists’ community with a high concentration of creative energy rooted in Chicano history.

Tapping into San Diego’s maker movement and the character of Barrio Logan, our curriculum provides students the opportunity to engage with the city. From the Barrio’s legacy of furniture building and auto repair shops to modern co-working spaces and digital fabrication labs, our San Diego campus builds upon a thriving spirit of craft that’s unique to Barrio Logan. Our internationally recognized faculty across real estate, development, architecture and fabrication are directly engaged with the local community and trans-border conditions.

Featured Image: Woodbury San Diego Campus






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