Celebrating (BArch ’23) Alumni Ryan Del Poso’s Success representing Woodbury at ACLA 2×8

We’d like to extend a heartfelt congratulations to (BArch ’23) Alumni Ryan Del Poso, who found success representing Woodbury at the ACLA 2×8 event. We’re so thrilled to share he took home the Grand Prize scholarship! His winning proposal for a Family Justice Center seeks to be a place of refuge and sanctuary for individuals experiencing domestic injustice. His win is a testament to his exceptional talent, innovative thinking, and ability to addressing societal issues through architecture.

“2×8” is an annual event initiated by AIA LA, showcasing exemplary work by architecture and design students from schools across California. Through public exhibitions, it connects students with architectural firms and awards scholarships to support their education and development as future architects. Two students from each school are chosen to represent their institution and compete in the event, offering a platform for emerging talent to shine.

on the left, Ryan Del Poso at the ACLA 2x8 competition, smiling, wearing glasses with his hair parted. on the right, Ryans winning display and sketches are on a clear plastic case with "woodbury University school of architecture," written at the base.

Ryan shares, “I’m incredibly excited about winning this award. It wouldn’t have happened without the nomination from my professor, Matthew Gillis, and his mentorship throughout my project.” Ryan’s achievement not only showcases his talent and skill but also highlights the excellence of mentorship and education at Woodbury School of Architecture.

on the left, interior images of the space rendered in color, wooden arched ceiling and comforting grate windows. on the right, a full floorplan of the space from a birds eye view. a color rendering of the Family Justice Center, arched columns and an arched roof in orange red stand tall on the street.

Pictured above: Drawings by Ryan Del Poso (BArch ’23) of his winning project “Family Justice Center.”

“I’m sincerely thankful for the chance to represent a school that’s home to many other exceptional and talented students. It’s an honor to contribute to showcasing what WSOA stands for to the other competing schools in California.” – Ryan Del Poso. Please join us in congratulating Ryan and sharing in this monumental accomplishment.

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