Vampires, Werewolves, and the Election

In October the College launched “Cabaret Voltaire,” a series of extracurricular events that contribute to our students’ educational experience in a social setting. The series is named after the historic Cabaret Voltaire, the wellspring of the dada movement in art. Like that movement, the intent of the Cabaret Voltaire series is to be a little irreverent and always memorable. The first event was a transdisciplinary panel “Werewolves and Vampires.” Faculty from different disciplines shared short and darkly amusing presentations, such as Politics & History faculty James Robertson’s discussion of vampires as metaphors for “deviant” sexuality and Physics faculty Christine Carmichael’s personal recounting of Halloween’s Scottish origins. At the second event, students, faculty, and alumni gathered together on election night to watch the early results, eat pizza, and share their thoughts. These sometimes provocative and always thought provoking community-building events were very popular—more to come in 2017!

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