Weekend Workshop Series

Join Woodbury School of Architecture for our 2018 Weekend Workshop Series on Saturdays at our Burbank campus. All seminars are free and open to the public.

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Students and Emerging Professionals are invited to attend the Architect Registration Examination Seminars to help candidates studying for their license exams. The Seminar Series is held from 10:00am-12:00pm in room SB210 on the Burbank campus.

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Burbank Campus, RM A101 
7500 N Glenoaks Blvd, Burbank, CA 91504


8/25      Christian Marie Gomez
Practice Management
Join recent test taker Christian and guest speaker to discuss business operations, risk, and delivery of services.

9/08      Gohar Nazaryan
Project Management
Join test taker Gohar and guest speaker to discuss project management, contracts and project execution.

9/22       Jesse Santiago
ARE 5.0 Intro, Project Planning & Design
Join recent test taker Jesse and guest speaker to review the how’s of ARE 5.0, building systems, codes and regulations.

10/06      Carol Monroy
Programming and Analysis
Join recent test taker Carol and guest speaker to discuss site analysis, programming and building analysis.

10/20       Luis Ixta
Project Development and Documentation
Join Luis Ixta and guest speaker to discuss project manuals & specifications, CD’s, integration of building materials & systems.

11/03      Teagan Castellon
Construction and Evaluation
Join Teagan Castellon and guest speaker in discussing pre-construction activities, observations, protocols & evaluations.

Real Estate Development Seminars

Join us at Woodbury School of Architecture this fall for free workshops brought to you by IR Architects: Ignacio Rodriguez (BArch ’07) & Lauren Rodriguez (BBA ’08). Six Saturday afternoon workshops will be presented by leading consultants specializing in the Southern California real estate market. The series will be held at Woodbury School of Architecture, Burbank campus from 10am-12pm unless otherwise noted. Topics will cover real estate development and how to leverage an architecture degree in the context of real estate. Workshops are free and open to students, alumni, and professionals.

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Burbank Campus
7500 N Glenoaks Blvd, Burbank, CA 91504


9/15       Ignacio & Lauren Rodriguez, IR Architects 
The Architect’s Role
Leveraging your skills: the architect’s role consists not just of designing and developing the project drawings, but in assembling the right consultant team (engineers, soils engineering, surveyors, etc.) who understand the local environment, in order to expeditiously execute the design. (10am-12pm)

9/22         Santiago Arana, The Agency 
Finding Your Market
Your team should include a top real estate agent who provides insights into market capacities and trends, and helps formulate the project program and direction. Session topics include land value, remodel assets, leasing the property while it gets entitled, and identifying the level of finish needed to maximize profit. (1pm-3pm)

9/29         Jason Somers, Crest Real Estate 
Working with an Expediter
The right expediter will help identify relevant building code limitations and ordinances, future codes that can impact the project, including density bonuses, entitlements, parking, subdivisions, energy, etc., that may affect the success of the project. (10am-12pm)

10/13      Liz Falletta, Falletta Development
Development as Design – School of Business classroom SB210
Projects are examined through the lenses of real estate development, urban planning and design, expanding the context in which these works can be understood, evaluated, and, ultimately, built upon. (10am-12pm)

10/27         Ron Gonen, Real Estate Luxury Homes 
Forming A Project Direction – School of Business classroom SB210
Elevate your knowledge as an architect to recognize the land value and its potential. This session cover topics such as identifying properties, your personal resources as well as your financial and personal capacities, your risk tolerance. (10am-12pm)

11/10       Bruce Schindler, Business Entrepreneur 
Structuring The Deal
The business entrepreneur helps secure funding, identify strategic partners, determine financial feasibility, and drive the value engineering process. (10am-12pm)


Analog Drawing Workshops

Three free workshops open to all SoA students on analog drawing. All workshops are from 1:00-4:00pm in Ahmanson Main Space. Each workshop will begin with a 30 minute presentation meant to provide a historical and technical framework. Students then spend two hours producing work. The final 30 minutes is spent in pin-up and group discussion. Belén Butragueño, PhD in Architecture from Polytechnic University of Madrid will lead the workshops. The SoA will provide all materials necessary to participate.

Burbank Campus, Ahmanson Main Space
7500 N Glenoaks Blvd, Burbank, CA 91504


Saturday, September 8th: Natural Drawing

Presentation on the principles of expressive drawing and concepts of proportion and beauty. Exercises using human models that work on dynamic, analytical and  formal representation techniques.

Saturday, October 6th : Spatial Drawing

Presentation on the principles of analytic drawing and the concept of abstraction. Exercises using architectural models that work on the concepts of framing, light and dark, emptiness vs matter, relational space and synthetic space.

Saturday, November 3rd :  Hybrid Drawing and Collage

Presentation on European Avant Gardes and principles of collage. Three short exercises using visual references that develop an abstraction process, a collage process, and a three-dimensional interpretation.

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