WUHO presents Drawing Codes & Liminal Forms

Join us for the opening of Drawing Codes, an exhibition curated by Andrew Kudless & Adam Marcus. The exhibition opens alongside the Liminal Forms student showcase.

Saturday, July 8 at 5pm – Opening
WUHO gallery
6518 Hollywood Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Drawing Codes: Experimental Protocols of Architectural Representation explores how emerging technologies of design and production have opened up new ways to engage with traditional practices of architectural drawing. This exhibition, organized by the CCA Digital Craft Lab, features experimental drawings by architects who explore the impact of new technologies on the relationship between code and drawing: how rules and constraints inform the ways we document, analyze, represent, and design the built environment.

Liminal Forms is a showcase of Woodbury University student work produced with instructors Marc Ericson and Duane McLemore.

Liminal Forms examines the relationship between historic drawing technique and architectural form. This studio and its associated fall seminar investigated the use of geometry in the construction of architectural methodology through a study of liminal forms. Each student developed an argument through nuanced reading of an architectural object. Each student’s decisions about geometry and instrumentality lead to the production of methods of representation, which in turn lead to the production of specific sets of forms that were limited by their means of production. The studio argued that the generative potential of architectural representation lies in the clear definition and manipulation of it limits.

The work produced for Liminal Forms was created by the following students: Jenan Al Sabbagh, Mashael Alsolai, Adam Alvarez, Brandin Babin, Sarah Bindekhayel, Dajshey Chatman, Helmer Douglass, William Ellsworth, Roxana Perez, Robert Ross, Josefina Samvelyan , Phillip Snow, Michael Turk, Jia Wang, Yuqi Wang

Drawing Codes and Liminal Forms are open for viewing at WUHO until August 20, 2017

Open | Thurs – 1pm to 8pm; Fri, Sat, Sun – 1pm to 6pm


Image credit: Andrew Heumann

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