Woodbury's IPAL Program Featured by California Architects Board

Woodbury University School of Architecture was recently featured in the 2017 Newsletter, Issue 2 of the California Architects Board. The article highlights the routes to licensure, Woodbury’s engagement with local and regional firms, as well as students perspectives from the program.

“Woodbury School of Architecture has a long-standing engagement with practice. Recognizing that perspectives are shaped by experience, the School of Architecture is rethinking student learning to redefine professional engagement. Expanding the scope of architectural education, the university is strengthening its commitment to practice by preparing students to lead positive change in the built environment. As our first cohort of Integrated Path to Architectural Licensure (IPAL) students begin their second summer of work and newly accepted students are starting to work in offices, we see more clearly how the program can benefit firms and proactively support the profession. Looking forward, we encourage firms to partner with us in shaping new connections between education and practice.”

Find out more about Woodbury’s IPAL Program and the California Architects Board.




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