Woodbury Students Featured in arcCA Digest

AIA California’s journal arcCA DIGEST featured a series of quotes and responses from Woodbury students from the Briefing: “Motivation: What Students Say.” Seven Woodbury students participated in this Student Survey. As Dean Ingalill Wahlroos-Ritter notes, “Their messages reflect our School’s mission and purpose, the powerful lessons they are learning from our faculty that reach beyond the walls of our classrooms to positively impact our communities, and give me hope for our future.” A few highlights from the feature include:

“I think one thing that architects need to constantly be aware of is our impact on our communities and how we can help improve them. We have tremendous gifts, talents, and influence, and we need to use all of it to the benefit of others.” – Nolan Brown

“In architectural practice, having a strong voice and promoting change is significant. As an upcoming professional in such a competitive field, directly out of an educational environment, having a fresh voice will hopefully provide positive incentive to a collaborative team. I expect long hours and concentrated work. It will not be easy, but being surrounded by so much charisma and expertise thoroughly appeals to me.” – Nicholas J. Haddad

“Architecture is a tense career, but we’re also human. I’ve worked in four different firms for my internship program, and I can see how work culture can make a huge impact on how people perform and design.” – Genevieve Enriquez

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