Woodbury San Diego relaunches Real Estate Development program

Barrio Barns by MSArch RED alum Ojay Pagano.

Woodbury School of Architecture is excited to announce the relaunching of our San Diego-based Master of Science in Architecture in Real Estate Development (MSArch RED). The program is uniquely designed with architects in mind, empowering graduates to tangibly give back to their communities and bring about impactful and lasting change. In the spirit of new beginnings, Woodbury is also offering its Alumni a 10 percent discount on tuition for the program. We are still receiving applications for Fall 2021, so be sure to apply soon!


Woodbury RED students learn how to oversee the process of designing, developing, and managing properties, capitalizing on the skills they’ve learned in design school and acquiring the crucial aptitudes needed to build a sustainable business, oversee a project as an architect-developer, and cultivate a new vernacular within the urban landscape.

This year, Woodbury’s Real Estate Development Program was ranked Best Studio-Based Program in the nation by Intelligent. We believe that real estate development should be an act of civic engagement, by working directly with communities to improve neighborhoods.

Recently, we connected with alum Ojay Pagano, a graduate from our MSArch RED Program, to talk with him about his work as an architect and developer. “I enjoy working on my own projects the most,” he said. “All of them, each unique with their own challenges. The development projects are the most intense. The process is an insane journey that can last years. From the time you find a property, put an offer, secure financing, design, permits, break ground, pass inspections, occupy them, maintain them, rent them, get to know the tenants, remodel them. It’s as if these buildings/projects take on lives of their own, it’s crazy!”

To learn more about the MSArch RED program, our Hybrid Online Course delivery, faculty, and more, please visit our website.

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