Woodbury Marketing Student Follows Dreams for Herself and for Those Who Came Before Her

Madison Chambers Garcia Student Headshot Marketing School of BusinessMadison Chambers-Garcia, a Woodbury University School of Business Marketing student, was not about to let the challenges of COVID-19 deter her from pursuing her dreams. Despite having to adjust to virtual learning, tutoring and working, she still managed to pulled off another 4.0  semester. We caught up with Madison after finals to learn more about her academic journey and what inspires her to keep moving forward.

Transferring from Saddleback College in Orange County, Madison selected Woodbury because of its small class sizes and for the opportunity to grow her roots in Los Angeles to eventually start a career in the fashion and/or entertainment industries. Having a background working in fashion, she was drawn to Woodbury’s Fashion Marketing program, but switched majors to Marketing to include a cross section of industries.

While taking a Consumer Behavior course, her professor asked if she would be interested in  becoming a tutor for her peers. “I decided it was a great opportunity, not only to help fellow students, but to also build my resume,” said Madison. “I was later brought on to tutor math and other business subjects, and continue to do so. I enjoy the face-to-face interactions and being able to help my peers achieve their academic goals.”

The tutoring experience shaped the way Madison looks at her own academic career. “In the past, I put a lot of pressure on myself and would get frustrated if I didn’t understand something right away. Tutoring has helped me develop patience with myself, and has reminded me that it’s ok to struggle with concepts and ask others for help. We all have strengths and weaknesses, so we should use our strengths to help each other reach our goals,” she said.

One of the highlights of her education at Woodbury was an assignment from her Leadership Theory class that involved giving a presentation on an inspirational woman leader. Through a family friend, she was able to schedule an interview with Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanx, an American intimate apparel company and part-owner of the Atlanta Hawks.

“Sara recognized that women today have far greater opportunities than our predecessors and when we face our fears and do things that scare us, we are doing it on behalf of the women who came before us who didn’t have the chance,” Madison recalls.

She feels the same sense of responsibility. “I am happy to live in a time when workplace equality and opportunity are present,” she said. “We shouldn’t hold back when it comes to chasing our dream, even if the odds seem against us.”

When looking back on her academic career at Woodbury, Madison says she credits her experience to “everyone she’s encountered at Woodbury for their genuine interest in student success, especially Professors Wendy Bendoni and Theresa Billiot for their time, guidance, and impactful conversations.”

With one semester left, Madison plans to complete her Marketing degree in December 2020. Her goal is to take her current marketing experience working part-time for a couple of small apparel and fashion outfits to a larger establishment in either the fashion or entertainment industries.

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