Woodbury BBA Grad and MBA Student, Brandon Megrabyan, Fulfills Legacy at Woodbury

Brandon Megrabyan earned his BBA in Management from Woodbury’s School of Business in 2021 and is currently studying for his MBA.

Here is Brandon’s journey to Woodbury and his experience as a student in the School of Business in his own words:

“Growing up, I was always very familiar with Woodbury University and the school of business as both of my parents graduated in the class of 1995. Once I graduated from high school I was excited at the opportunity to attend Woodbury University and continue down the same path my parents took. Seeing the great accomplishments my mom and dad have achieved over the years showed me how valuable their education at Woodbury was and how much they learned and grew here. In 2021 I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business management and immediately knew that I wanted to enter the Master’s program. The great classes I have had the pleasure of taking with Dr. Saba, Dr. Marques, Professor Condon, as well as Dr. Dhiman are among my favorites and have shaped me into the young business person I am today.

These classes were eye-opening experiences that showed me that I am a true entrepreneur. I learned how to lead, communicate, and manage an organization efficiently and ethically which is sure to create sustainable and lasting results. I use these lessons every day as I work as a Senior Project Manager at my family’s construction management company as well as work as Realtor at Keller Williams Calabasas Estates.

Studying at Woodbury University gave me an edge as a business person which I knew I could use to my advantage and would immediately recommend to anyone. Our AACSB accredited program goes above and beyond expectations and has produced amazing entrepreneurs and business people year after year.

I am the businessman I am today because of my time here, and I highly recommend Woodbury University to anyone searching for a top-tier business school.”


Last Updated on May 26, 2022. 

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