What's New in Business 2019

On June 7, the School of Business organized its second annual What’s New in Business event. Eight dynamic speakers shared their insights on the current trends and needs in business performance before a highly engaged audience. The topics were widely diverse, capturing the immense span of business performance in a fascinating way.

Dr. Joan Marques, Dean of the School of Business and Professor of Management, kicked off the presentation series with “Being Ethical is Good for Business”. Using “ETHICS” as an acronym, she focused on ethical performance, truth-telling, humaneness, inspiration, care, and soberness, as much-needed qualities for leaders today.

Mark Lampert, president of American Environmental Supply and adjunct professor of management, focused on entrepreneurial performance, and explained, through a case review of a drone project, the steps, challenges and rewards of starting and funding a business project.

Dr. Alice Shiotsugu, Assistant Professor of Accounting, highlighted some of the smart uses of Excel, emphasizing the writing of functions and equations, and sharing some interesting finds analyzed and displayed through this software.

Lee Wochner, CEO & Creative Strategist at CounterIntuity and adjunct faculty of marketing, focused on today’s increasing need for instantaneity. He elaborated on three dynamics that drive this behavior, being, impatience, distraction, and multiple simultaneous environments.

Jeff Neumeister, owner/CEO of Neumeister & Associates and Chair of Accounting, evaluated the changing expectations clients have of accountants, thereby alluding to the growing urge of individuals to be the proactive expert of everything, and the oftentimes risky tendency toward “DIY”-Accounting (Do it Yourself).

Dr. Satinder Dhiman, Associate Dean and Professor of Management, discussed the topic of sustainable awareness, and our environmental and ecological footprint. Within the business context, he presented the conscious question of eating meat with consideration of the immense investment this process requires.

Brian Hemsworth, Co-Founder and CMO at Newman Grace Inc., presented 10 astounding marketing trends, among which big data, predictive analytics and artificial intelligence, as patterns that can no longer be ignored in business performance.

Wendy Bendoni, Chair of Marketing and Fashion Marketing, zoomed in on the future of digital media, including highlights such as understanding Gen Z, the power of music and stories, and augmented reality as inevitable ways of being successful in marketing today.

The event ended with a networking lunch, sponsored by Neumeister and Associates.

Videos of the presentations will be made available online soon.

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