Wendy Bendoni Continues Collaboration with WWD MAGIC

Wendy Bendoni has a long-standing professional relationship with Informa, the company that owns the MAGIC & PROJECT show. Through its network of events, intelligence, and scholarly publishing, Informa connects specialists with knowledge, helping them to expand their insights and actions.

Serving as a consultant to PROJECT and MAGIC, Wendy’s involvement includes a series of shows with global audiences, including representatives from 47 countries—from big-box retailers to boutiques, influencers, media, and industry thought leaders. From 14-17 February 2022, the global show was held in the Las Vegas Convention Center, focusing this year on Digital Culture: New Drivers of Change, NFT & Augmented Space, and Influencer Marketing.

Wendy gave a lecture at the event titled, Explore Data + Digital Culture Behavior in which she focused on customer expectations for 2022—specifically, how digital culture, drivers-of-change, and new social listening insight methods can determine a buyer’s decisions.


Last Updated on March 28, 2022. 

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