Universal Pictures Home Entertainment Provides Real-Life Challenge for MBA Students

For the spring 2020 semester, Universal Pictures Home Entertainment (UPHE) provided MBA students with a real-world industry challenge to boost the sales of DVDs and digital movie rentals and purchases. Students applied their course knowledge, creative thinking, and problem-solving skills to design in-store and online disruptors. By thinking outside the box, MBA students provided UPHE with promotional plans, prototypes, and call-to-actions while applying emotional appeals such as nostalgia and excitement to increase conversion rates.

On February 25th, students presented to Barron Postmus, Vice-President Customer Marketing from UPHE, with a Mardi Gras themed event. When thanking Postmus for his pro-active involvement with this project, he replied, “It was my honor and privilege. I was truly impressed by the students’ efforts, creativity and passion. This class is loaded with future corporate stars!”

Reflecting on the UPHE experience, MBA student Armen Baghgedjian said, “It was truly an honor to have Mr. Postmus visit Woodbury University and to give MBA students a chance to express their talents and capabilities. When major companies like Universal Pictures show interest towards students who are eager to enter the workforce, it is very encouraging and gives life to the ambitious spirits within each student, who are trying to find their place in this challenging world.”

MBA student Syuzanna Ayrapetyan said, “I had an amazing experience working with Universal Pictures Home Entertainment and Barron Postmus. The collaboration between our professor, Dr. Billiot, and Mr. Postmus gave us an opportunity to apply the course material to the business world. I am thankful for the knowledge I gained and for the informative feedback we received.”

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