School of Business Holds First Internal Annual Faculty Award Ceremony

School of Business Internal Annual Faculty Award Ceremony featuring Theresa, David, Jack, Nathan
Clockwise starting from top left: Theresa Billiot, David Cho, Nathan Garrett, and Jack Condon.

In the final faculty meeting for the 2019-2020 academic year, School of Business Dean Joan Marques granted the first series of school internal awards to four faculty recipients.


The Faculty Making a Difference Award went to Dr. Theresa Billiot, who was praised for her broad engagement efforts within the School of Business. Dr. Billiot, who started at Woodbury University in the fall of 2019, has tirelessly worked on finding ways to make every faculty and every department in the School of Business look their best, thereby taking the concept of silo elimination to a completely new level. In addition, she has been instrumental in student mentoring, course development, outreach, and assisting in curricular and promotional enhancement.

The Inspiring Professor of the Year Award was granted to Dr. David Cho. The vote for this award came from the School of Business student community through a survey in which they responded to one single question: “Which professor inspired you most this academic year?” Dean Marques expressed her pleasant surprise about this accomplishment, since Dr. Cho is teaching courses such as Operations Methods and Value Chain Management, and Project Management, both of which are usually considered challenging due to their statistical foundations.

The Dean’s Award was granted to Dr. Nathan Garrett, who consistently demonstrated reliability, strength, resilience, and an immense desire to help students and colleagues succeed. Dr. Garrett has been instrumental during the School’s recent AACSB and ACBSP reaffirmations, and has secured a solid assessment monitoring team as one of our processes to move forward responsibly in the coming years. He has served as a role model in reinventing himself, by earning his Bridge to Business credential in Finance and Accounting, thereby strengthening the School’s capacity in offering courses in these fields. Most importantly, Dr. Garrett has been of great value in assisting the School of Business and other Woodbury colleagues in the shift toward online education during the past months.

The Faculty Ambassador Award was granted to Jack Condon, a Woodbury MBA alumnus, who currently serves as a participating adjunct faculty, as well as assistant director of outreach. Jack was not only credited for his multiple visits to several local community colleges, but mostly for his passion in promoting Woodbury University amongst his students at Los Angeles Valley Colleges, where he also serves as an adjunct faculty member. Over the past year, Mr. Condon has been instrumental in guiding multiple students to Woodbury.

The School of Business faculty and staff team congratulate the recipients with their well-deserved awards.


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