RAW POP UP Celebrates Creators and Artists in Miami's Brickell City Mall

Alumnus Germane Barnes recently worked with RAW POP UP to activate an 11,500sq foot space into a multi-sensory experiential experiment at Miami’s Brickell City Centre. RAW POP UP / LAB was designed to be an Urban Comfort Pavilion, incorporating art, music, technology and performance art as guests immerse themselves into the works of 30 local and international creators and performers.

RAW POP UP / LAB breaks the traditional “look-don’t-touch” boundaries by inviting the audience in to interact with the artwork throughout the raw space. As a whole, the different artists experimented with “hard” and “soft” materials using scaffolding as an ongoing theme throughout the space to bring the different artists together and also reinforce the ever-changing landscape of Miami and the ongoing construction—particularly in Brickell—which has been transforming the city into something completely new.

In addition to the art program, the complementing music program includes national and local musicians like Brady Watt and EMAN8. Anthony Hall serves as the Music Supervisor, challenging musicians to be mobile and perform throughout RAW POP UP / LAB. This allows them to fully interact with the creators’ installations by performing on them, in them, around them and not on a traditional stage. Performance artists collaborated with the musicians and creators installations by providing a performance in unison with the music, bringing the space, guests and creators into one fully interactive world.


Sharit B. Kassab (Head Architect), Tam Gryn (Head Curator), Yasmina Lyazidi-Nasib (PR + Communications Director), Valentina Hernandez (Art Director), George Dufournier (Founder), Anthony Hall (Music Supervisor), Mau Espinosa Tcherassi (Music Director), Julian Penalver (Marketing Supervisor), Valentina Quijada (Media Director), Nina Bergeret (Architect) 

Featured Creators: Stereotank, Indra Alam, Aaron Alam, Germane Barnes, Espuma, John Power, Roses et Pivoines, Axel Audio, Home Eleven, Glenda Puente, Zeynap Arolat, Sali Ferad, Jeanne Canto, Joachim Perez, and Amanda Madrigal

Featured Performers: Amanda + James, Megan Carvajal, Abby Price, Sara Ciampa, Liony Garcia, Kayla Castellon, Briana Alexis Mendez, Nathalie Varona, and Jen Clay. 

Featured Musicians: Connor Golden, Brady Watt, Zack Gray, EMAN8, Drea Rose, DJ Lumin, DJ Tony Disco, DJ Max Van de Put, DJ Purpose, and DJ Jesus Rodriguez.

Germane Barnes is the Director of Studio Barnes, a testing ground for the physical and theoretical investigations of architecture’s social and political agency. He is also the Designer in Residence for the Opa-Locka CDC and a Senior Lecturer in the School of Architecture at the University of Miami. His design and research contributions have been published and exhibited in several international publications and institutions, including: The Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts, The Swiss Institute, DesignMIAMI/ Art Basel, Architect Magazine and Curbed.com, where he was named a member of the 2015 Class of Young Guns.

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Cover Photo Germane Barnes Lecture, Courtesy Princeton School of Architecture

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