Alumni Spotlight: Sonny Ward (BArch ’03)

We are thrilled to shine a spotlight on Sonny Ward, a distinguished graduate of the WSOA’s Architecture program and former faculty member. Below, you can read about Sonny’s journey, which has been marked by achievements and contributions to the field of architecture and historic preservation.

Board President and Governor Appointee:

Sonny Ward currently serves as the Board President and a Governor Appointed Board Member for the California Architects Board.. His dedication to the profession and leadership in architectural governance are truly commendable. He is also the founder and Principal of June Street Architect, Inc. in West Hollywood, CA, showcasing his expertise and commitment to architectural practice.

Community Engagement and Advocacy:

Sonny’s involvement extends beyond his professional endeavors. He is actively engaged in various boards and councils, including the National Center on Adoption and Permanency, Woodbury University School of Architecture, and an Emeritus Board Member of the Family Equality Council. His dedication to community engagement and advocacy is inspiring.

Roundtable Host and Preservation Advocate:

Last year, Sonny was appointed by President Biden to the federal agency: Advisory Council on Historic Preservation. Recently, Sonny Ward hosted a Housing and Historic Preservation Roundtable as a member of Council at the Los Angeles City Hall. His efforts to promote dialogue and collaboration in the preservation of our architectural heritage are invaluable.

Additionally, our WSOA faculty member Jeanine Centuori was invited to the most recent California Architects Board meeting to speak about “Architecture and Design Projects for Social Causes,” which highlights the impactful work undertaken by our architecture and design students.

Join us in celebrating Sonny Ward’s achievements and contributions to the architectural community! His exemplary leadership and dedication serve as an inspiration to aspiring architects and preservationists worldwide.


Last Updated April 2, 2024

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