Motivating Innovative Leaders to Define Their Legacy at Woodbury University’s School of Business

Woodbury University's School of Business hereby presents Jack Condon the faculty ambassador award in recognition of exceptional passion and excellence demonstrated in representing the School of Business through outreach efforts during the 2019-2020 academic year.

Recently granted the Woodbury School of Business Faculty Ambassador Award (2019-2020), Jack Condon, adjunct professor and assistant director of outreach, has proven to be a true advocate of the University. In addition to his faculty roles, Condon is also a Woodbury MBA alumnus, an accomplishment that gives him first-hand experience when promoting the Business School’s offerings and long-standing value to local community colleges.

As a management major, Condon has always understood the concept of marketing and promotion. “Woodbury University’s School of Business is a product,” Condon says, “Like all products, the advantages of attending need to be promoted in a way that connects with its audiences.”

Condon is referring to the advantages the School of Business offers to incoming community college transfer students. “I was a community college student not too long ago,” Condon asserts.  “I began my academic pursuit at Los Angeles Valley College, and at the time, I was unsure how to earn a degree, much less transfer to a four-year university. Many students are in that same situation, and if I can assist on their journey toward earning a bachelor’s in business, and ultimately an MBA, I’m ready to guide them to discover their untapped potential.”

Condon describes what makes Woodbury’s Business School stand out.

AACSB Accreditation: “This should be the number one factor for any business major applying to a university. Woodbury’s School of Business holds the AACSB accreditation, which is granted to less than 5 percent of all business programs worldwide. No other accreditation is recognized to the same extent globally and by fortune 500 companies.

Affordability: “With a combination of Federal Student Aid, Pell Grants, institutional aid, discretionary and other scholarships, Woodbury University is not only competitive, but as affordable as several state schools, and often times less costly than many other private institutions. Admissions counselors are happy to share all requested information to potential students.”

Becoming a name and not a number: “No student is overlooked at Woodbury. With a student: instructor ratio of 15:1, Woodbury is a community, and there is tremendous support for students to succeed and graduate on time. With offerings such as free tutoring, one-on-one counseling and student-driven classes, Woodbury keeps students on track throughout their education.”

Broad Diversity and a Strong Moral Foundation: “Woodbury’s School of Business has an extremely diverse faculty, not only in ethnicity, age, orientation and culture, but also in areas of expertise, consisting of a solid blend of award winning researchers and business professionals. The student body is equally diverse and very entrepreneurial with a focus on moral and responsible performance.”

Lifelong Connections: “Strong bonds are created within this close-knit community, not only amongst students, but also between students and their faculty mentors. These ties often result in lucrative business projects or prominent jobs that lead to the upward mobility for which Woodbury has been nationally recognized.”

Having developed connections with several surrounding community colleges, and aiming to expand his network, Condon feels confident about his message, which he defines as a personal testimony aimed to help others and pay it forward. “There’s nothing better than seeing transfer students I’ve motivated who are delighted to be part of our campus community,” said Condon.  Condon thoroughly enjoys nurturing students he encounters, always encouraging them to stay true to a path of intellectual and moral advancement, wellness, and positive success in life.

For a chat on the value of  Woodbury University’s business education, Jack can be reached at [email protected].

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