Marc J. Neveu: New JAE Issue on A/TO Project

The 72:1 issue of the Journal of Architectural Education was recently published on the theme of A/TO ProjectMarc J. Neveu, associate dean of the School of Architecture, serves as executive editor of the biannual peer-reviewed academic journal.

A/TO Project explores work that critically examines and exposes the project and projection of architecture as a tool for thinking. This includes work that engages with experimental forms of projection, processes of material and speculative translations, drawings and artifacts that consciously make a project, as well as unexpected instances and narratives that disrupt a project towards other explorations. The call sought to uncover the side of architectural projects that is always there, but rarely seen.

The JAE has been the primary venue for research and commentary on architectural education since it was founded in 1947, making it the oldest continuing operating journal of its kind.

The issue can be accessed on the JAE website. Image courtesy of JAE Online.

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